Love Island's Eve Gale shares endless death threats twin Jess received after Mike Boateng kiss

4 February 2020, 07:49 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 07:53

The star revealed her sister's private messages
The star revealed her sister's private messages. Picture: ITV

The former Love Islander is running her sister's account while she's still in the Cape Town villa.

Eve Gale has revealed her twin sister Jess' Instagram account has been subject to a flood of horrendous abuse during her time on Love Island.

The 20-year-old entered the villa together at the start of the series but Eve was dumped after she was left without a partner following a recouping, leaving her sister in South Africa and on the show.

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Jess and Mike have been getting close over the past few days
Jess and Mike have been getting close over the past few days. Picture: ITV

After initially being coupled up with Mike Boateng, who she was pied off by for Leanne, Jess then coupled up with Nas Majeed for friendship, then started developing a thing with Luke Mabbott.

However, after Mike was dumped by Leanne, he decided he'd try his luck with Jess once more, and she pied off Luke for Mike.

All a bit complicated and very dramatic, but makes great TV right?!

Jess was coupled up with Luke M
Jess was coupled up with Luke M. Picture: ITV

Well for some, it seems like the scenario's gotten under their skin to a ridiculous amount, as Eve - who is running sister Jess' Instagram account - found hundreds of disgusting abusive messages towards her saying she should "go die".

As well as death threats and insults such as "sly ugly fat b***h", there was also racial abuse.

What makes it worse almost is that this horrendous abuse seems to be coming from children.

Eve shared the screenshots on Jessica's Instagram story, without blurring out any names, stating "what the hell is wrong with people".

Another screenshot showed the seemingly endless message requests.

Some read "I hate you", "you're a dirty cheap s**t" and "Burn in a hole".

One of the screenshots which was shared
One of the screenshots which was shared. Picture: Instagram
Jess and Eve are very close
Jess and Eve are very close. Picture: Instagram

The messages are upsetting for anyone to read, and have understandably angered and upset Eve, whose sister is in the villa and unable to see the abuse.

In another post, Eve wrote "And these are the same people who would post about mental health and write RIP posts if anyone in the limelight was to commit suicide.

"Honestly it's disgusting. My sister has been sent hundreds of death threats and abuse and it actually makes me sick.

"Why are people so damn weird and nasty."

She also shared a part of the message requests
She also shared a part of the message requests. Picture: Instagram

She continued: "Although someone can appear to have themselves together you don't know what they are going through behind closed doors.

"Abuse like this can destroy a person. THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE."

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