Love Island 2020 - All of the Casa Amor bombshells and their Instagram handles

2 February 2020, 22:01 | Updated: 3 February 2020, 13:37

The Casa Amor lineup has been revealed
The Casa Amor lineup has been revealed. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The biggest twist of the series is here and we can't wait to meet the 12 new Casa Amor islanders.

Casa Amor is arguably the best part of Love Island every year, the twist will make or break any couple, and it has provided us with some incredible content over the years... (I was coming back here, to tell you, THAT I LOVED YOU!!)

Last year, were were graced with the incredible Ovie Soko along with a bunch of other islanders that everyone's already forgotten about (remember that girl who said she was going to steal someone's man and she stole a grand total of zero men?)

And this year we have another 12 islanders ready to try and stir things up. Here's everything you need to know about them all... We wonder which ones will last?


Jade Affleck

Jade is 25 years old and hails from Yarm, a small town in North Yorkshire.

She works as a sales professional and has her eye on a funny guy.

The islander says she fancies Finn, Luke M and Callum.

Jade's Instagram is @jadeaffleck

Priscilla Anyabu

25 year old Priscilla is excited to get into the villa and the London girl is raring to go.

The Battersea local works as a model and an operations manager.

She has her eye on Mike, Nas and Luke M - we wonder if they'll be swayed!

Her Instagram is @priscillaanyabu_

Jamie McCann

Coming from North Ayrshire, Jamie will be joining fellow Scot Paige on the island - but will she make it back to the main villa?

The 24-year-old works as an eyelash technician says she's very outgoing, and she fancies a bit of Callum or Wallace.

If you fancy giving Jamie a follow on Insta, she's on @jamielouux

Molly Smith

Another 25-year-old, blonde bombshell Molly is from up north, Manchester to be particular.

The new islander works as a model, which isn't surprising!

She is heading in there to get a man, and would quite like that man to be Luke M... She has a shot seeing as things have gone pear shaped with him and Jess Gale.

Her Instagram handle is @mollysmith19

Eva Zapico

Recruitment consultant Eva is one of the youngest new Casa Amor islanders, at only 21-years-old.

The stunning islander comes from Bromley and wants to try it out with Nas and Mike as she reckons they have the best personalities.

If you want to give the curly-haired islander a follow on the gram, she's on @evazapico

Natalia Zoppa

Natalia is the youngest new Casa Amor girl, and she is a student and part time club promote.. classic student.

She's 20 years old and also hails from Manchester.

Natalia says she's open to getting to know all of the boys but if she had to pick it'd be fellow manc Callum, Finley and also Luke M.

If you wanna give her a follow, she's on @nataliazoppa


Biggs Chris

Biggs is one of the former islander's best mates... it's last year's Anton Danyluk!

The 27-year-old Glasgow boy is covered in tattoos and is a bit of a fashionista.

He works as a car body repairs specialist and says he has his eye on Jess and Rebecca.

His Instagram handle is @biggschrisx - give him a follow!

George Day

George's like a human Ken doll and has a perfect sparkling smile.

He's 27-years-old and hails from Southampton, where he works as an Estate Agent.

George describes himself as 'spicy' and says he wants to get to know Paige, Rebecca and also Demi.

His Instagram is @georgeyday and you can catch a load of snaps of his jet setting Dubai lifestyle.

Alexi Eracildes

Cheeky Alexi works a very raunchy job as a naked butler in the buff... wowzaaaa.

The 23-year-old is an Essex boy (we haven't had one yet this year!) and has his eye on a few on the girls - he even knows Jess as they've previously exchanged Instagrams on a night out.

If you also want to have a peep at his Instagram, it's @alexieracildes

Josh Kempton

If you're into tall, blonde and blue eyed boys then Josh will be a bit of you.

The 21-year-old works as a full time model, which isn't surprising at all, and he comes from Surrey.

Follow his Instagram on @joshuakempton.

Ched Uzor

Ched looks like an absolute unit, it's hard to believe the new Casa Amor boy is only 23-years-old.

He works as a scaffolder, the same as current islander Callum, and he also has his eye on his missus, Shaughna.

Give Ched an insta follow on @ched.uzor

Jordan Waobikeze

24-year-old Jordan is a London boy and can't wait to get in the villa despite him not having his eye on one particular girl.

The admin worker rates himself a 7.5 out of 10, but an 8 when he has a fresh trim and a tan.

Follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanwaobikeze

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