Love Island's Shaughna Phillips plastic surgery: What has the islander had done?

22 January 2020, 17:02 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 17:06

The Love Island star looks absolutely incredible
The Love Island star looks absolutely incredible following her weight loss. Picture: Instagram

Shaughna Phillips is winning over the hearts of all Love Island viewers with her personality and beauty - but has she had any surgery?

Love Island 2020 has given us the one and only Shaughna Phillips who has already won over the hearts of the nation with her straight-talking banter.

Not only that, but viewers are praising the villa contestant for her body and weight loss, as she's been branded 'body goal' by many Twitter fans.

But has Shaughna had any surgery? Has she had fillers? Here's everything we know so far about her cosmetic journey:

Shaughna's got a very defined face
Shaughna Phillips' face definition has fans talking. Picture: Instagram

What cosmetic procedures has Shaughna had done?

Heart spoke to renowned surgeon Mr Alex Karidis about the islanders' potential procedures, and he revealed: "Shaughna has the 'flawless' look that we've seen of Love Island contestants in recent series.

"It looks like Shaughna has possibly had some light facial treatments around the face to improve her complexion and bring out the glow of the skin and accentuate her natural features."

Love Island's Shaughna Phillips as a teenager
Love Island's Shaughna Phillips as a teenager. Picture: Instagram

He continued: "Some enhancements of the lips looks to have been done as these seem to be more full compared to previous photos. It also look like there may be a little botox work around the eyebrows to give them the defined arched or lifted look that we're seeing.

What plastic surgery has Shaughna had done?

It's unknown whether or not the star has had any surgical work done, but Mr Karidis has given his verdict.

Shaughna Phillips looked very glam for her Love Island photos
Shaughna Phillips looked very glam for her Love Island photos. Picture: ITV

He said: "It's possible that there has been rhinoplasty work to sculpt the shape of the nose as there seems to be a very defined outlined and contour.

"Although of course, this can be difficult to determine without standardised reference before photos."