What plastic surgery and fillers have Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale had done?

14 January 2020, 18:03 | Updated: 15 January 2020, 14:07

The stunning twins don't look as natural as they did a few years ago
The stunning twins don't look as natural as they did a few years ago. Picture: Instagram

The blonde bombshells look awfully different to how they did as teenagers.

Jess and Eve Gale have caused waves since heading into the villa and the stunning two look absolutely identical.

After pictures of them as teens emerged, showing their naturally auburn hair and much thinner lips, a lot have been speculating over what surgery they've had done.

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What cosmetic procedures have the twins had done?

It's impossible to call it for certain, but Jess and Eve seem to have had identical procedures throughout their lives - which wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume.

Heart spoke to GP & Advanced Aesthetics Doctor, Jane Leonard, about the islanders, and she agreed that it's likely they've had work done.

The resident doctor at Beyond Medispa revealed: "The twins are young pretty girls and were absolutely gorgeous before, but they do look dramatically different now."

The twins look so different to what they did when they were younger
The twins look so different to what they did when they were younger. Picture: Instagram

Jane continued: "Given their age I would hope they haven’t had too many aesthetic treatments.

"It’s most likely they would have perhaps had baby Botox, and it also looks like they have had mild enhancements on their lips as they are much fuller.

"They did have lovely cheekbones before, but they look more prominent now - so perhaps even cheek filler.

"There’s also a potential they’ve had non surgical rhinoplasty as their noses look a different shape and slightly more sculpted than before."

The pair's faces look very different now
The pair's faces look very different now. Picture: Instagram

Jane added: "The girls treatments would be purely be beautification and not anti ageing due to the fact they are only 20 years old.

If you were interested in getting similar procedures done with Dr Jane, baby Botox starts from £200, lip filler from £200, cheek filler from £350 and non-surgical rhinoplasty from £450.

What plastic surgery have Eve and Jess had done?

Heart spoke to renowned cosmetic surgeon, Mr Alex Karidis of the Karidis Clinic in St. Johns Wood, London.

He revealed: "The two girls are naturally beautiful which you can see in the photos before they went onto Love Island and, given their young age, we at the Karidis Clinic would be careful in endorsing surgical or non-surgical procedures.

Mr Alex Karidis believes the twins could've had boob jobs (Eve pictured)
Mr Alex Karidis believes the twins could've had boob jobs (Eve pictured). Picture: Instagram

"There are certain areas that look to have been enhanced with surgical procedures for both Jessica and Eve. Both of the girls look to have had a breast augmentation to give added volume and the fuller shape.

"Another area that looks to have had work done is possibly around the bum, where the shape of both of the girls looks to be fuller and lifted to provide more volume and pertness towards the top, resulting in a more 'peachy' look.

"This is likely using a procedure commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

"It should be noted that this procedure is currently under review by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) to ensure the safety of the procedure.

"It's currently recommended by BAAPS that it's members do not perform these procedures until the review has been completed."

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