Who is Jordan texting? Love Island fans baffled after model's spotted messaging mystery person

24 July 2019, 22:08

Jordan was spotted texting by viewers
Jordan was spotted texting by viewers. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The model was spotted texting someone on tonight's show.

Jordan Hames was clocked texting someone on tonight's show and it's had fans asking questions.

All of the islanders are allowed phones in the villa, but after the whole Anton offering his number to the shop keeper debacle, Love Island viewers are confused as to who the islanders are actually allowed to contact.

Jordan was spotted on his phone during an intense part of the show
Jordan was spotted on his phone during an intense part of the show. Picture: ITV

According to former islanders, they only use the phones to take pictures and videos of each other, and allowed to text each other.

The phones are also obviously used when there are dumping, announcements for dates or different challenges.

Many of the fans took to Twitter to joke about Jordan being on his phone during a heated part of the show, with some suggesting he might've been texting his friend and ex-islander Michael.

Others also joked he was on the phone with the producers, saying he'd done the job.

This comes after many fans believed that the reason everything went south with Jordan and Anna was down to producers meddling, seeing as the couple seemed so content up until the last two days.

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Whoever he was texting, it definitely wasn't anyone from outside the villa, so everyone can rest easy.

Maybe he was making a list just like Amy Hart did when she and Curtis broke up, potentially taking notes?

The Love Island final airs Monday July 29th at 9pm.

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