Eamonn Holmes fights back tears as grieving Ruth Langsford leaves This Morning studio

12 August 2019, 12:54 | Updated: 7 February 2020, 12:15

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The Irishman told viewers that his wife, who recently lost her sister to cancer, had gone off set after a caller reminded her of her tragic sibling.

This Morning's Ruth Langsford had to leave the studio today while presenting as she was upset by hearing a caller's symptoms, which reminded her of late sister Julia.

Eamonn was left to explain what had happened, as Ruth was in tears hearing the viewer, who differed from anxiety and depression, struggle to speak while she describing how she was feeling.

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Julia Johnson, Ruth's sister, suffered from chronic depression and she tragically passed away earlier this year in June.

During a segment on This Morning, Eamonn and Ruth were listening to a phone-in on anxiety, where one of the callers' story hit a nerve.

After Ruth had to leave because it had upset her, Eamonn explained to viewers that it was due to her still coping with her sister's death and it was "very raw" still for her.

The section on anxiety upset poor Ruth
The section on anxiety upset poor Ruth. Picture: ITV

It had clearly triggered sad memories of her sister's condition so Ruth removed herself from the situation.

The show's psychologist was speaking to the callers who were seeking advice to break their habits as a result of their mental health issues.

The first caller was called Michelle and she opened up about her struggles with panic attacks and palpitations.

Ruth spoke to her and said: "It's amazing you found the strength to ring in Michelle. That's an amazing start."

Ruth participated in the start of the segment but was clearly affected and had to leave
Ruth participated in the start of the segment but was clearly affected and had to leave. Picture: ITV

Angela asked about whether Michelle had spoken to her doctor about how she was feeling on her medication, and suggested that she go back to her GP about her side effects.

After cutting to some different shots, Ruth disappeared from the screen soon after, and Eamonn said: "Obviously this is featured in Ruth's life, she's upset now and she's had to leave the studio because of her sister, who was a chronic depressive.

"And no matter how much medication it didn't seem to make much difference, there were good times and bad times."

He added at the end of the section: "We'll get Ruth back after the break, obviously these things are very raw for her at the moment following the death of her sister."

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