Who is Michael Rice? Meet the UK's Eurovision entry for the 2019 song contest with 'Bigger Than Us'

22 March 2019, 16:50 | Updated: 22 March 2019, 16:59

Michael will perform track 'Bigger Than Us' at Eurovision 2019
Michael will perform track 'Bigger Than Us' at Eurovision 2019. Picture: PA

The 21-year-old singer shot to fame as the winner of All Together Now and is set to represent the UK in Eurovision this May.

Who is Michael Rice and what other TV shows has he been on?

Hailing from Hartlepool, County Durham, Michael Rice is a 21-year-old vocalist who will represent the United Kingdom at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest - despite not being alive the last time the UK won the competition in 1997.

The singer had previously auditioned for The X Factor but shot to fame after winning All Together Now. He spent the £50,000 prize fund on opening his own waffle show and taking his family to Disneyland.

After being bullied at school, Michael is using his success to inspire kids by fronting an anti-bullying campaign.

He told the BBC: "When I was growing up I used to get bullied a lot - in Year 7 and Year 8... When I left school, I did The X Factor and I got loads of hate from that, and it really sparked me on to go to schools and tell people my story and inspire them."

What has Michael Rice said about representing the United Kingdom in Eurovision Song Contest 2019?
Michael has spoken of his shock at representing the UK at Eurovision, explaining: "I would never have thought this. Two years ago I was working at McDonald's and even lost my car and my flat, but now to be representing my country at Eurovision is crazy."

He added: "When I first originally heard the demo, I immediately fell in love. I think it's different to what we had the previous years. I think especially this year is the most important time; we need a song that shows the world what we care about and we love, we need that big powerful song to prove that."

Michael has also vowed to get a tattoo of the Eurovision logo if he wins the competition.

Michael Rice will represent the UK at Eurovision 2019
Michael Rice will represent the UK at Eurovision 2019. Picture: PA

When is Eurovision 2019 and where will it take place?

This year's Eurovision ceremony will be held in the city of Tel Aviv after Israel won for the fourth time in Eurovision history last year.

It will take place on May 18, 2019 with a televised ceremony that's set to include a show-stopping performance from global icon Madonna.

Two semi-finals will preceded on May 14 and 16 but the United Kingdom doesn't have to compete in these.

Along with France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, the UK is one of the 'Big Five' - a selection of countries who are the biggest financial contributors to the competition so don't need to go through the semi-final rounds.

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