Will Wales have another lockdown after Christmas?

11 December 2020, 13:28 | Updated: 11 December 2020, 13:30

Wales in lockdown
Wales in lockdown. Picture: Global

First Minister Mark Drakeford has set out plans to move to a four level alert system in Wales.

He said today that under the new plans, which will be revealed in full on Monday, Wales would currently be at Level 3.

But he warned that if current efforts to bring down the rate of the virus do not succeed, it would be inevitable that Wales would move to Level 4 immediately after Christmas.

Level 4 would be equivalent to the sort of restrictions seen during the recent firebreak lockdown.

Whilst it is expected that Wales would move to Level 4 on a national basis, the new level system would allow different parts of Wales to move back down the levels locally.

Prior to Christmas, the First Minister also confirmed that outdoor attractions in Wales will close and on Thursday the Education Minister announced that secondary schools and colleges are closing a week earlier than planned.

However, he ruled out some of the suggestions that had been spreading via social media like an alcohol sales ban or a nighttime curfew - calling these "fake news".