Chimney Fire Warning In Oxfordshire

13 January 2019, 10:18 | Updated: 13 January 2019, 12:00

fire engines generic

Fire crews in Oxfordshire are warning people about chimney fires after tackled a fire at a house this weekend,

It's after smoke was spotted coming from the roof of a property in Oxford Street in Woodstock yesterday afternoon

They are giving out safety advice as part of a new campaign this week.

On arrival they found that the fire was in the chimney but there was heavy smoke

logging in the loft space. Two fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the

loft to check for fire spread using a thermal imaging camera whilst other fire

fighters used chimney rods and a hose lines to ensure the fire was completely out

within the chimney stack.

Fortunately, the fire was confined to the chimney and had not spread to the roof.

Incident Commander, Watch Manager Gary Crone from Kidlington said, ‘January to March is our peak time for chimney fires and the 14th January marks the start of our Chimney Fire Prevention campaign for this year’.

The key messages we would like to emphasise to people using open fires and wood burning stoves are;

* Do not store logs too close to wood burners and fireplaces

* Sweep the chimney at least once a year

* If you have a 1st floor fireplace ensure that this is also clear of