Abusive Boyfriend From Birmingham Jailed

28 March 2019, 07:12 | Updated: 28 March 2019, 07:17

James Anderson Birmingham abusive partner

An abusive boyfriend who repeatedly attacked his teenage partner and left her partially blinded in one eye has been jailed after she came forward to police.

James Anderson from Birmingham subjected his girlfriend - who was aged 16 when they met in 2016 - to a campaign of terror.

The girl was vulnerable following the death of her father and, after befriending her, Anderson went on to torment her with both verbal and physical abuse.

He wrongly accused her of cheating and would regularly beat her - which included biting, choking and burning her with a lighter.

The most vicious attack was in June 2017 when following a house party he strangled and then jammed his thumb in her eye causing lasting damage. He then marched her several miles to his flat at knifepoint to carry out an assault which only stopped when she fell unconscious.

Anderson, who was already serving a suspended sentence for assaulting a previous partner, at the time was charged with causing actual bodily harm. He was then recalled to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence for his previous offence.  

He made repeated attempts and threats to persuade the teenager not to give evidence against him; and officers sought a further case of coercive control and witness intimidation. 

23 year-old Anderson from Forde Way Gardens in Hawkesley, admitted causing actual bodily harm at a previous hearing but was convicted of the other two offences following a trial.

He was sentenced to six years imprisonment and put on a 10 year restraining order at Birmingham Crown Court.

PC Tom Parrott, from the force's public protection unit, said:

"Anderson is a dangerous man who exploited the vulnerability of a teenage girl after her father’s death. 

"He thought he could continue to bully her, even after being charged, so he could get away with his deplorable actions but he was wrong. 

“I applaud the girl's courage in coming forward and her strength through what was a long and difficult case."