Damien Hirst sculptures coming to Yorkshire

3 April 2019, 16:09 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 16:14

Damien Hirst sculpture The Virgin Mother

Seven works by Damien Hirst are going on display in Leeds and at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The artworks are coming here as part of the Yorkshire Sculpture International arts festival which is running from June to September.

Damien Hirst said: "I am so happy to have my work in and around Leeds. When I was growing up in the city, the Leeds Art Gallery was my way into art.

"I never thought I'd be famous or considered important or anything like that.

"The things I saw made me so excited about what art could be. If people feel anything when they look at my work, then that's the greatest thing you can hope for as an artist, and it's a double excitement to have my sculptures in the town as well as the gallery."

His sculptures Hymn and Anatomy Of An Angel will be displayed outdoors in Leeds city centre.

A preserved lamb encased in formaldehyde, Black Sheep With Golden Horns, will be at Leeds Art Gallery.

Four other pieces - Charity, Myth, The Virgin Mother and The Hat That Makes the Man will be displayed at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.