Crowland killing - Spalding woman jailed

5 April 2019, 15:08 | Updated: 5 April 2019, 15:11

Alison Skingsley

A woman from Spalding who has previously been convicted of manslaughter, has been sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court.

Alison Skingsley (pictured), of Thames Road, Spalding, was cleared of murder but convicted of the manslaughter of 46 year-old Kevin Nix last year.

It was 24th June 2018, when both Kevin Nix and Skingsley had visited the Old Bridge Inn pub in Crowland for the afternoon.

Skingsley left the pub following an argument and several drinks, before getting in her Peugeot 307.

It is believed that in an attempt to stop her drink-driving, Kevin climbed onto the bonnet of the vehicle.

The car was driven and he was then thrown from the car, suffering what later proved to be fatal injuries; he died in hospital three days later.

Ms Skingsley was arrested for assault and for failing a breath test, a short distance away from her vehicle. She was charged on 26 June and remanded.

Skingsley pleaded not guilty to both manslaughter and murder, and following a trial in March she was cleared of murder.

The jury at Lincoln Crown found her guilty of manslaughter.

Senior Investigating Officer Karl Whiffen, from East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said:

“This is an incredibly tragic case which has seen a man lose his life. From the very beginning, Skingsley claimed innocence, often attempting to tarnish the reputation of Kevin Nix and making all sorts of claims and accusations. During her trial Skingsley shamelessly tried to portray herself as the victim of the incident showing no remorse for the tragic loss of Kevin’s life.

I must pay tribute to Kevin Nix’s family, who have conducted themselves with tremendous dignity throughout the investigation and subsequent trial. The enquiry team’s thoughts are with them at this time."

A statement from the family of Kevin Nix said:

“Alison Skingsleys conviction of manslaughter is the very least for Kevin’s family to form closure on its tragic loss.”

Ms Skingsley has been jailed for 10 years.