POSH fan nets banning order

20 March 2019, 19:12 | Updated: 20 March 2019, 19:13

Judge's Gavel

A Peterborough United supporter has been handed a three-year football banning order after repeatedly shouting abuse at opposing fans and inciting violence.

Matthew Lilley, of Old Bailey Road, Hampton Vale, Peterborough, has been involved in nine incidents of football-related disorder in the past two years.
The 45 year-old was sentenced to the banning order at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (19th March).
The order prevents him from attending any football match in the UK, specifically including home and away Peterborough United games.
He must also surrender his passport when the England national team travel abroad, as well as during Euro 2020, which will be held all over Europe.
Mark Wood, the force’s dedicated football officer, said:

“(Matthew) Lilley has been involved in minor incidents of disorder over the past two years, all the way up to instigating fights between rival supporters on match days.
To be involved in so many incidents over such a short time period is very unusual and a clear indication as to how anti-social he has been.
This type of behaviour tarnishes the reputation of the 99 per cent of supporters who just want to turn up and watch the match.
There is no place for this behaviour anywhere and particularly not at football matches, which are family environments.”