Grinch actor is so good people can't believe it isn't Jim Carrey

7 December 2021, 16:55

We are obsessed with this actor's Grinch impersonation
We are obsessed with this actor's Grinch impersonation. Picture: TikTok/justinsantanatorres
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Universal Orlando's Grinch impersonator has left people stunned over his 'perfect' impression of Jim Carrey's beloved character.

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Universal Orlando's improv actor portraying The Grinch has gone viral after his incredibly accurate impersonation of the character left people obsessed.

The Seuss Landing section of the theme park has recently been transformed into The Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular for the Christmas period, which is where people can meet the Grinch.

People visiting Universal have been sharing their interactions with the Grinch actor who, due to his incredibly accurate impression, has left people questioning whether it is Jim Carrey or not.

Jim Carrey, of course, played the beloved character in the 2000 film How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Watch the video here:

One person's interaction with the Grinch actor has gone viral on TikTok, with the video being like a massive 8.8million times in just six days.

In the video, the mischievous Grinch can be seen greeting people with a very blunt and sarcastic manor, before going on a rant about his dog, Max, not bringing him his breakfast.

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People are so impressed with the performance, they're begging Universal to double whatever they're paying him.

One person commented on the TikTok video: "I'm having a hard time believing this is not Jim Carrey."

Another wrote: "Whatever they're paying him...double it."