Former EastEnders star Molly Conlin 'held at knifepoint' in terrifying home break-in

29 June 2020, 14:20 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 14:22

Molly has bravely spoken out about the ordeal
Molly has bravely spoken out about the ordeal. Picture: Twitter @conlin_molly

The actress went through a terrifying ordeal after multiple men barged into her home and stole her belongings.

Molly Colin has detailed how she went through an awful ordeal recently, being held at knifepoint by robbers who barged into her home and stole her phone, a car and watch.

The ex-EastEnders actress, who played Dotty Cotton when she was younger in the BBC soap, said that four men broke into her home on Saturday and she was speaking out to warn others.

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Molly has spoken out about the incident that happened at her home in Essex
Molly has spoken out about the incident that happened at her home in Essex. Picture: Twitter

Her family home in Witham, Essex was raided and Molly, 19, was shoved to the ground and brutally dragged upstairs by the armed robbers, who then held her at knifepoint.

Molly wrote on Twitter how she thought "I was going to die" and "I was begging for my life" during the terrifying incident, but that she's incredibly grateful that she's now okay.

The teenager's brother's black Audi A1 was stoles as the thieves found the keys, and they also took her mobile phone which was later found in a ditch.

Molly wanted to warn her followers to be incredibly careful and to lock their doors as this could easily happen to anyone.

On Twitter, she wrote: "So I didn't know wether to write a post or not but mums saying it's the best thing to do as you never know if its going to happen to you.

"At 3 o clock today I was in my house when I got a knock on the door, I opened thinking it was a delivery man.

"2 tall black men barged in, pushed me to the ground, dragged me upstairs and held me at knifepoint as they raided my house. I was literally praying as I thought I was going to die."

Molly pictured during her time on EastEnders in 2009
Molly pictured during her time on EastEnders in 2009. Picture: Instagram

She continued: "Little did I know 2 had come through the back of my house also and found my brothers car keys and later all jumped into his black Audi A1 and took my phone and a watch.

"They was screaming at me, telling me they was going to hurt me if I didn’t give them anything while I was begging for my life being pinned down to the floor.

"PLEASE can everyone lock there front doors as I see this happen on Facebook the other day and never thought this would happen to me. I’m so grateful none of my family was home at the time and it was only me. Please spread the word."

Essex Police confirmed they had launched an investigation following the incident.

Molly is glad she's okay and wants to warn others
Molly is glad she's okay and wants to warn others. Picture: Twitter

A spokesperson told The Sun: “We are appealing for information about an aggravated burglary in Witham.

“The men, who were described as being black, threatened a woman with a knife before carrying out a messy search of the bedrooms.

“They made off with a watch worth a four-figure sum and a black Audi A1 Sport. Fortunately, the woman was not hurt but she was left shaken by the incident.”

After Molly posted about the incident on Saturday, her friends flooded to support her on the account.

One said: "That is terrifying I can’t imagine how scared you must’ve been! Hope you’re okay x".

Another added: "Omg! That is awful. I hope you are okay".

While one fan replied: "So relieved you are okay, well done for passing the information on to your followers xx."