Ironman actor Robert Downey Jr promises 'something special' for boy, 6, who saved sister from dog attack

21 July 2020, 13:26

Avengers’ Robert Downey Jr promises hero six-year-old who saved sister from dog attack ‘something special’

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Robert Downey Jr has joined his Avengers co-stars Tom Holland and Chris Evans with a special message for six-year-old Bridger.

Robert Downey Jr and the other Avenger actors have been reaching out to Bridger, 6, after he saved his little sister from a dog attack.

The young boy's story went viral after his aunt shared the shocking details of the moment he stood between his sister and a charging dog, resulting in 90 stitches for the young hero.

Now, Robert Downey Jr has joined Tom Holland, who plays Spiderman, and Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, to send a special message to Bridger, and promise him a special surprise.

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Robert Downey Jr surprised Bridger with a special video message
Robert Downey Jr surprised Bridger with a special video message. Picture: Instagram/Nikki Walker

In a video shared on Instagram by Bridger's aunt, the Ironman actor told the little boy: "Bridger, you're a rockstar. My name is Robert Downey Jr, I play Tony, which makes me an old friend of Cap's.

"I hear he sent a shield your way, I'm going to do one better – you call me on your next birthday, I've got something special for you.

"By the way, that's a promise, and a promise beats a shield."

This comes just days after Captain America actor Chris Evans sent his own video telling Bridger how "brave" he is, before promising to send him a shield of his own.

Tom Holland also reached out to the little boy this week, offering him the chance to come behind the scenes on set of the next Spiderman film.

He told Bridger during a video chat: "You are so brave, mate, and we are all so proud of you.

"Your little sister is so lucky to have someone like you. You're such a brave little kid."

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Bridger and his sister were at a friend's house when the young boy stood in front of a dog that was charging at his sister.

He was bit on the face "several times", according to his aunt's social media post, before grabbing his sister's hand and helping her run away.

Nicole, the aunt, said that Bridger had later said: "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me."

He later received 90 stitches and is now resting back at home.

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