McFly at London's O2: Here's how to get tickets to the band's comeback gig

10 September 2019, 10:39 | Updated: 11 September 2019, 10:06

Here's how to get tickets to McFly's comeback gig
Here's how to get tickets to McFly's comeback gig. Picture: Getty / Instagram

After a three-year hiatus, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter have announced they are returning for a special, one-off gig in London. Here's all the details.

While rumours of a new album and a musical comeback have been doing the rounds for some time now, the McFly boys have *finally* confirmed they are reuniting - and fans are over the moon!

Here's all the details on their gig - including the date, ticket prices, venue and more.

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What date is McFly's gig at London's O2 Arena?

On the morning of 10 September, Tom, Harry, Dougie and Danny made a special announcement to fans, confirming they were planning a comeback gig after a three-year musical hiatus.

While it's not a multi-date tour, McFly will be reuniting to perform a special, one-off gig at London'a O2 Arena.

The concert kicks off on Wednesday, 20 November.

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How much are tickets and how can I buy them?

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday, 13 September - but are expected to sell out fast! You can purchase yours here.

While ticket prices are still under wraps, there are various price ranges, depending on seating zone. The boys will also have a VIP section for those wanting to get up close to the band.

What songs are on their setlist?

Again, details on their setlist have yet to be confirmed, but it is expected they will play a lot of their tracks from their greatest hits tour, Best of McFly, which kicked off back in 2013.

The hits played were as follows:

1. Memory Lane

2. That Girl

3. Star Girl

4. Transylvania

5. 5 Colours In Her Hair

6. Falling In Love

7. Room On The 3rd Floor

8. Obviously

9. Corrupted

10. Nowhere Left To Run

11. Lies

12. I'll Be OK

13. Bubblewrap

14. Smile

15. Shine A Light

16. One For The Radio

17. Memory Lane


18. Love Is Easy

19. All About You

20. The Heart Never Lies

McFly also revealed they would be releasing the "lost songs" from their never-before-heard sixth album in the run up to the gig in London - so here's hoping they'll have fresh material for us all ahead of their concert in November!

Who's supporting McFly on their comeback gig?

Fans are hoping long-term friends and former bandmates Busted (let's not forget the hybrid band, McBusted) will be taking to the stage with McFly in November.