What's the dress code for Royal Ascot's Ladies Day?

17 June 2019, 17:39

Royal Ascot has a strict dress code
Royal Ascot has a strict dress code. Picture: Getty

People may flock to Royal Ascot for a fun day at the races, but it's also become a fashion event in its own right - with a strict dress code revellers must adhere to.

Each year, Royal Ascot hosts a series of race horsing events in Berkshire, with Ladies Day taking place on Thursday 20 June, 2019.

And while the day is all about having fun and watch

What's the Royal Ascot dress code for Ladies Day?

Royal Enclosure


- Dresses and skirts should fall just above the knee or longer.

- Straps should be a minimum of one inch in width, with spaghetti straps, halter necks and strapless gowns being strictly forbidden in the Royal Enclosure. Jackets and pashminas are permitted, however.

- Trouser suits are acceptable, but they should match in colour and the trousers should be full length.

- Midriffs must be covered up.

- Jumpsuits are also welcome, but they must fall below the knee and straps must adhere to the

- Hats are a must, but the base of the headpiece must be at least 4 inches.

- Fascinators are not permitted.


- Men must wear a waistcoat and tie.

- Bow ties and cravats are not permitted.

- Black shoes with socks are a must.

- A black of grey top hat must be worn.

Queen Anne Enclosure


- A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times.

- Guests are not permitted to wear strapless or sheer dresses and tops.

- Should you wish to wear a trouser suit or jumpsuit, the bottoms must be full-length and the top must match the colour of the bottoms.

- Midriffs must be covered in the Queen Anne enclosure.

- Shorts are not allowed.


- Men must wear a tie at all times, though bow ties and cravats are not permitted.

- Jackets and trouser should match in terms of colour and pattern.

- Socks must cover the ankle.

- Jeans, trainers or chinos are not permitted.

Village Enclosure


- A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times.

- Strapless and sheer dresses are not permitted.

- Trouser suits and jumpsuits must be full-length.

- Midriffs must be covered and shorts are not permitted.


- Guests are required to wear a jacket, full-length trousers, collared shirt and tie.

- Bow ties and cravats may be worn in the Village Enclosure.

- Jean and trainers are not allowed.

- Socks must be worn, and must also cover the ankle.

Windsor Enclosure

Women & Men

There is no official dress code for the Windsor Enclosure, but guests are encouraged to look the part and don smart daywear.