111 Weapons Handed To Kent Police

6 August 2019, 06:24

Kent Police Logo

More than 110 weapons have been handed over to Kent Police including an UZI Sub Machine Gun.

A deactivated one was given to officers taking part in the national firearms surrender.

Nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition were also given up over the last few weeks.

Superintendent Mick Gardner of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: "Many of the firearms handed in would have been innocently held without the owner knowing they were illegal, or long-forgotten family heirlooms such as antiques from military conflicts.

"Criminals are not concerned with where their weapons come from as long as they can use them to injure others or cause fear of violence, even if the firearms in question are replicas or have since been deactivated so they can no longer be fired.

"That is why surrenders such as this are so important, as a firearm in the wrong hands can cause untold damage within our communities. I would like to thank everyone who has handed a weapon into us over the past fortnight and helped make our communities even safer than they already are."