Brits horrified by American mum's disgusting tea-making tutorial on TikTok

9 June 2020, 15:58

Her tea making methods were... questionable
Her tea making methods were... questionable. Picture: TikTok

The mother and daughter duo did not impress Brits with their questionable tea-making methods.

One TikTok user has disgusted Brits with her very strange tea-making method.

American mum Michelle lives in the UK with her three children and husband, and posted a very *different* method of making what she refers to as "British tea". Aka, a cuppa.

In the video, Michelle and her youngest daughter break down the steps for their tea-making.

To start, they half-filled a mug with tap water and put it in the microwave for one minute.

It starts off odd by them not using a kettle... but it doesn't get any better.

After taking it out of the microwave, the daughter then poured A LOT of milk directly into the hot water, with no tea bag.

They microwaved tap water for the cuppa
They microwaved tap water for the cuppa. Picture: TikTok

Not only this, but they go on to add an excessive amount of sugar to the very pale-looking mug.

The daughter can be seen pouring sugar directly from the sugar pot and not using a spoon, like we normally would here in the UK.

Viewers couldn't believe what they'd seen
Viewers couldn't believe what they'd seen. Picture: TikTok

And their final move... was adding the tea bag?!

Honestly, we're just as baffled as you are.

The clip has made it to Twitter and people across the world can't believe what they've seen.

British Twitter users were blown away with what they'd witnessed.

One said: "This is an abomination. I had to have a cuppa of Yorkshire to calm down" wrote one person on Twitter.

"What the bloody hell was that insult to our culture?!?" added another.

A TikTok commenter said: "I'm British and QUAKINGG!"

Another said: "This is a crime".

What are your thoughts on her method?

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