Cat owners take 7 photos of their pets every day, new study finds

31 October 2019, 15:35 | Updated: 22 July 2021, 13:58

Cat owners take an average of seven photos of their cats a day
Cat owners take an average of seven photos of their cats a day. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A new study has found that cat owners take seven photos of their pets each day.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ve probably wasted a fair few hours scrolling through endless Instagram photos of cats and dogs.

But it turns out we’re more obsessed with our furry friends than expected, as a new report reveals the average cat owner takes around seven photos of their cat a day.

The survey - conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Fresh Step litter - questioned 1,000 cat owners on their average behaviours around their feline friends.

As well as finding people can’t stop taking snaps, 41% of those polled also said they have honoured their cat with a framed photo in their home.

Most cat owners consider their pets a member of the family
Most cat owners consider their pets a member of the family. Picture: Getty Images

Elsewhere in the survey, 84% of cat owners said they see their pet as a family member, with many treating them to gifts regularly.

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Interestingly, the average owner also spends 1,016 hours with their cat per year which works out to just under three hours per day and 20 hours a week.

According to the survey’s results, three quarters talk to their cats and use them as a form of therapy, while 66% would rather hang with their pets than their human friends.

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While cats often get a bad reputation for being moody, 60% of those polled said their felines are loyal, with over half saying they are great for snuggling up to.

The company - who set up the poll in honour of National Cat Day on October 29 - hopes the survey will prove how much cats have to offer as pets.

Lauren May, associate director, Clorox Pet Products said in a statement: “Millions of cats enter shelters each year yet less than half get adopted.

“We understand how rewarding it is to have cats in our lives which is why Fresh Step is on a mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home.

“Through shelter partnership programs, we have donated millions of dollars and more than six million scoops of litter to help shelter cats get adopted.”