Disabled boy, 5, left 'humiliated' after Legoland staff force him out his wheelchair to prove he can walk

2 October 2019, 11:13 | Updated: 2 October 2019, 11:14

Five-year-old Sebby has been left humiliated by the incident
Five-year-old Sebby has been left humiliated by the incident. Picture: PA

Five-year-old Sebby Brett was visiting the resort as a treat following four operations

A mother has slammed Legoland after her five-year-old disabled son was made to get out of his wheelchair and prove he could walk before going on one of their rides.

Sebby Brett suffers from an undiagnosed condition similar to celebral palsy - which has left him unable to walk even short distances without help.

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His mother Joanna took to Facebook to reveal that Legoland staff made him get out of his chair to prove he could walk three steps in case of an evacuation, which he managed to do while holding her hand, but that staff made him do it again.

So, this is an odd post and negative, so mainly for people with kids in a wheelchair, or in a wheelchair themselves....

Posted by Sebby’s Adventure on Sunday, 29 September 2019

She added: "When I challenged them (anyone who knows me, knows I’m a fiery character and don’t take things that annoy me lightly, especially when it comes to my children), and they said it was because if they evacuate they need to see he can walk. Crazy! As a parent, if we’re evacuated I’m carrying him, and Lottie who isn’t disabled!! What did those 3 patronising and embarrassing steps prove to them?!"

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Joanna went on to say that Sebby has asked her why anyone would make a disabled person walk, and went on to reveal that he had been left affected by the incident.

Sebby was made to prove he could walk by Legoland staff
Sebby was made to prove he could walk by Legoland staff. Picture: PA

"Sebby has mentioned it several times today, it’s really affected him. And it’s not from us, I hid my anger from him. I actually couldn’t complain at the time as I was so close to tears and didn’t want to cry in front of him!"

She went on to reveal that when she had complained she'd been given a disabled access guide, and called on Legoland to do more for disabled visitors.

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"How can Lego, a massive company, be so lacking in disability inclusion? I understand health and safety and not everything can be accessible, but for so little to be accessible is shocking. I have a friend in a wheelchair that can’t walk, so if she wants to take her kids to legoland she wouldn’t be able to see her kids on the vast majority of the rides, how is that fair??"

Five-year-old Sebby has been left 'humiliated' by the incident
Five-year-old Sebby has been left 'humiliated' by the incident. Picture: PA

Legoland have now released a statement saying: "We were very sorry to hear of Mrs Brett and her family’s experience at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort on the weekend.

"The health and safety of our guests is always our priority and we have a number of requirements in place to allow our guests with disabilities and additional needs to enjoy our rides.

Legoland have now released a statement about the incident
Legoland have now released a statement about the incident. Picture: PA

"On some rides, such as LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, guests are required to walk unaided.

"This is necessary in the case of guests being evacuated from the ride, as they would be required to walk during the evacuation process. 

"These requirements are set out in our Accessibility Guide, which is available on our website, on our Ride Access Pass system, as a printed leaflet and on the restriction boards at the entrance to each ride.