Disney’s Frozen is hiding a very rude joke you probably missed

19 November 2021, 11:00

Did you spot this very rude joke in Frozen?
Did you spot this very rude joke in Frozen? Picture: Alamy
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By Heart reporter

Disney has hidden a very cheeky joke in the 2013 hit Frozen - and we bet you didn't spot it.

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It’s time for your favourite Disney film to be well and truly ruined.

Yep, Frozen is the latest children’s film which has been hiding a rather cheeky innuendo.

The hugely popular movie follows sisters Anna and Elsa as they try to keep their kingdom safe from infinite winter.

Hans was part of a very cheeky Frozen scene
Hans was part of a very cheeky Frozen scene. Picture: Alamy

Fans of the franchise will know that during the first film Anna gets engaged to Prince Hans, despite only knowing him for a few hours.

When she then travels across the frozen forest with Kristoff to try and find missing Elsa, the iceman probes Anna about her future husband.

She goes on to say that his favourite food is sandwiches, his best friend’s name is ‘probably John’ and his eye colour is ‘dreamy.’

When Kristoff then asks what his foot size is, Anna hits back: "Foot size doesn't matter."

While this may seem innocent to the children watching, many are convinced it is a not-so-subtle joke about Hans' manhood.

And Frozen isn’t the only movie to have had a few cheeky details hidden in the plot.

Shrek fans recently noticed something slightly disturbing about a scene involving Lord Farquaad.

TikTok user @kathy_martinez05 shared a moment of the 2001 film which sees the future king in bed looking at a photo of Princess Fiona soon after deciding he wants to marry her.

Frozen had a very cheeky scene
Frozen had a very cheeky scene. Picture: Alamy

While talking to the magic mirror topless in bed, he says: "Mirror Mirror, show her to me. Show me the princess"

When a photo of Fiona is shown, he replies: "Ah, perfect", before looking uncomfortable and staring down at the blanket, which appears to rise suspiciously.

He then tugs at the blanket and makes an awkward face.

Yep, my childhood is officially tainted.