England voted second-best country in the world to visit in 2020

29 October 2019, 11:39

England is the second best tourist attraction for 2020
England is the second best tourist attraction for 2020. Picture: Getty

England was voted as one of the top countries in the world, according to Lonely Planet.

England has been voted as Lonely Planet's second-best country in the UK to visit next year, all down to its "timeless treasures".

The castles, cathedrals, countryside and seaside have nabbed us the second-to-top spot, just after Bhutan, which is a tiny landlocked Buddhist kingdom in the south of Asia.

The UK has stunning beaches and great attractions
The UK has stunning beaches and great attractions. Picture: PA

We're a little confused how England has managed to beat a wealth of beautiful countries around the world, but the famed guide book Lonely Planted has hailed it as a top tourist destination.

The list of countries was all rated on a number of things including "topicality, unique experience and wow factor".

England's entry reads: "Brexit uncertainties have dominated the headlines in recent years but one constant amid all the confusion has been the timeless treasures that England is famous for: the historic castles and cathedrals, the quaint villages and rolling countryside, and of course, the seaside.

England has some beautiful sights
England has some beautiful sights. Picture: Getty

"Taking a bracing walk on a windswept pier, eating delicious fish and chips, searching for marine life in rock pools, finding fossils in ancient cliffs, building sandcastles and dolphin-spotting on picturesque beaches are just some of the activities offered by the English seaside."

Bhutan's entry reads: "This tiny piece of Himalayan paradise operates a strict ‘high-value, low-impact’ tourism policy, compelling travellers to pay a high daily fee just to set foot in its pine-scented, monastery-crowned hills.

"The pay-off for visitors is a chance to walk along mountain trails unsullied by litter, in the company of people whose Buddhist beliefs put them uniquely in tune with their environment.

Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan country
Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan country. Picture: Getty

"Bhutan punches well above its weight when it comes to sustainability. It is already the world’s only carbon-negative country, and the kingdom is set to become the first fully organic nation by 2020, so it’s only going to get more beautiful.

"And with the daily fee, it won’t be getting any more crowded."

Other countries in Lonely Planet's top five were North Macedonia in south-east Europe, the Caribbean island of Aruba and Africa's eSwatini.

The Netherland also make an appearance at number seven, along with Morocco in number nine and Uruguay in number 10.

Lonely Planet also added that new sections of the England Coast Path are opening, which in turn makes it easier for tourists to explore the incredible coastline that the country has to offer.

And when it's completed the walk will then be one of the world's longest at over 3,000 miles in total.