The Eve Appeal's Get Lippy Campaign: It's time to talk about 'down there'

30 May 2019, 12:21 | Updated: 30 May 2019, 12:24

The campaign wants to get women speaking confidently about their privates
The campaign wants to get women speaking confidently about their privates. Picture: Getty

By Nicola Bonn

The Eve Appeal's Get Lippy campaign aims to encourage women to be less nervous about going for smears.

Did you know that there are 5 types of gynaecological cancers? If you go to The Eve Appeal website you can read about them in more detail and get to know their symptoms, but just to make you aware, they include womb, ovarian, cervical, vaginal and vulval. (I was only really aware of ovarian and cervical before I went to my first Get Lippy event).

So many of us are ashamed of and shy to talk about what is happening "down below", but being open and aware could save our lives and Drs have heard it all before.

The campaign runs throughout May
The campaign runs throughout May. Picture: Getty

The Eve Appeal's Get Lippy Campaign lasts for the entire month of May. With ambassadors including Caroline Hirons, Cherry Healey, Helen Lederer and Michelle Keaton, you'll be in good company if you choose to take part.

Here's more about the campaign

I hope that if you're reading this and you have a weird itch or you're bleeding when you shouldn't be, then you'll have the confidence to go and see someone. Between you and me, I was in this situation very recently and one conversation and it was sorted.

Oh and if you fancy contributing to The Eve Appeal all you need to do is buy one of the products from this list

And don't forget, "vagina and vulva are not dirty words!"

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