ASOS accused of adding ‘padding’ to plus size model in lingerie photos

10 January 2019, 14:48 | Updated: 10 January 2019, 14:55

ASOS accused of adding padding to plus size model
ASOS have been accused of adding padding to plus size model. Picture: ASOS

ASOS have been accused of adding ‘padding’ to a model’s knickers for photographs advertising a pair of plus-size underwear.

Plus size fashion and beauty blogger Georgina – known online as She Might Be Loved – took to Twitter to voice her concerns after noticing “padding” added to one model’s plus size underwear.

Posting a close-up shot from the ASOS website, Georgina wrote: “We can see your padding.”

Commenting to a reply, the blogger added: “Rather than hire models that are actually plus size, they pad.”

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People were left shocked at the idea, with one commenting: “That is just unbelievable!”

However, others have suggested the supposed “padding” is simply down to lighting, and is in fact just skin of the model.

One person shared a photograph from the back of the model, commenting: “Maybe it’s that with weird lighting?”

ASOS accused of adding padding to plus size model
ASOS have denied the accusations . Picture: ASOS

The underwear set causing a stir is the Ann Summers Curve Adorn lace and satin knicker set, but the photograph of the plus size model was taken by ASOS.

You can find the set on the Ann Summers website as well, modelled on a different model.

ASOS have since denied the accusations made online, telling Cosmopolitan: “The images on site show the model’s natural body shape as it is with no padding or adjustment made."

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ASOS accused of adding padding to plus size model
The set is by Ann Summers, but the pictures in question were taken by ASOS. Picture: ASOS

Since ASOS denied the accusations, blogger Georgina has taken to Twitter to explain: “I want to make super clear, if this is the model’s actual body then that’s amazing!

“It’s the reason I even clicked on the item anyway because she has such a beautiful shape.”

She added: “Padding smaller plus/even non plus models does happen though so let’s not pretend that it doesn’t.”