Having fewer showers during lockdown could be making you cleaner, experts claim

23 April 2021, 08:50

Experts have claimed showering every day can be bad for you
Experts have claimed showering every day can be bad for you. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Experts have revealed why showering every day could be harming your skin.

With most of us spending a lot more time indoors over the past year, it’s understandable that morning routines have gone out of the window.

In fact, a government study recently found people are bathing a lot less while working from home during lockdown.

The YouGov survey found 17% of people are showering less, while a quarter wash their hair fewer times, and a third are less likely to put on clean clothes every day.

And according to one expert, this could actually be having a positive affect on our cleanliness.

People are showering less during lockdown
People are showering less during lockdown. Picture: Getty Images

Speaking to The Telegraph, lecturer at Yale School of Public Health, James Hamblin, said that while he still washes his hands regularly, he only washes his body with water and occasionally wets his hair.

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This is to preserve beneficial micro-organisms on the skin’s surface which support your immune system and protect your complexion.

While microbes feed off the oils in our skin, these can be stripped away when we wash with soap.

According to the expert, skin microbiome also helps to prevent pathogens entering the body, reduces inflammation and lessens chances of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Soap can strip away your skin's natural oils, experts claim
Soap can strip away your skin's natural oils, experts claim. Picture: Getty Images

"The idea that we need to use soap all over our body, every day, is not founded in any type of science," Dr Hamblin told The Telegraph.

"I've ended up using less water, saving some plastic bottles, money and time. My body, and my skin, are fine."

This comes after ITV's This Morning doctor Dr. Chris explained why showering every day can actually be bad for your health.

He told hosts Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes: "It can be harmful because the skin is densely populated with friendly bacteria.

“Having a shower every day can remove friendly bacteria."

University publication Harvard Health has also previously said that healthy skin maintains a layer of oil and a balance of friendly bacteria, but washing daily removes this barrier.

The university publication explained: "Dry, cracked skin may allow bacteria and allergens to breach the barrier skin is supposed to provide, allowing skin infections and allergic reactions to occur."

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