Mum shares five gift birthday rule that stops you overspending

1 July 2022, 11:56 | Updated: 1 July 2022, 13:37

Kirsty has been praised for her clever birthday present hack
Kirsty has been praised for her clever birthday present hack. Picture: Facebook/Kirsty Collins

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A mum has shared a clever hack that ensures you won't spend too much on your child's birthday.

Many of us will be guilty of going overboard with the presents on our children's birthdays, but some parents will be looking for ways to cut the costs for the next one.

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One mum has shared a genius 'five gift' birthday rule - which ensures you limit spending without sacrificing your child's happiness and excitement on their big day.

Mum-of-one Kirsty Collins, 25, shared her hack in a Facebook group, revealing that it's proved popular with her son Oliver.

She wrote: "I just wanted to give some advice to those struggling with birthdays, especially with the massive increase in cost of living!

"It's my son's fourth birthday today and at that age a lot of the toys are overpriced plastic tat and take up so much space in their bedrooms!

"I’m also the type of person who will say ‘okay yep that’s everything for his birthday’ and then go into another shop and say ‘oh he’ll love that, just one more present won’t harm’ - I’m sure many can relate!

She bought five presents for her son's fourth birthday
She bought five presents for her son's fourth birthday. Picture: Facebook/Kirsty Collins

"Last Christmas I trialled doing a 5 present rule and loved it so I’ve done it again for his birthday. This stops overspending, overcrowding of toys in his room and (hopefully) stop him becoming spoilt.

"This can also help out with separated parents so that there isn’t that ’competition’ feeling of who got them more/better gifts between you (not that there should be but I know it happens)."

Kirsty then went on to share the types of presents that she treats her son to, which are Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear, Something to read, and Something to do.

The hack has proved popular with her son Oliver
The hack has proved popular with her son Oliver. Picture: Facebook/Kirsty Collins

She ended her post with the words: "I just hope this can help anyone struggling with the cost of living and birthdays!"

Facebook users rushed to praise her idea, with one writing: "Brilliant love this post thanks and it also helps reduce waste and gets u to use more imagination and thought into gifts. They will remember the ‘doing’ present for many years."

Another added: "We did it for our kids last Christmas and it was a great success, they got so much from other people … that a few meaningful gifts from us is more than enough and they actually really enjoyed playing with the bits they got rather than being overwhelmed, definitely doing it again next year."

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