How to make 'fish' and chips using BANANA... and other vegan food replacements

14 May 2019, 14:56 | Updated: 14 May 2019, 15:10

The guys behind BOSH! talk Heart through the best vegan replacements for egg, butter and more

We live in an age where it's a legitimate possibility to tuck into a pulled pork burger made of jackfruit and scrambled eggs made of tofu. Vegan replacements for popular meaty meals are on the rise - and, most importantly, they actually taste good.

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Paving the way for such possibilities are Ian Theasby and Henry Firth, who started an Instagram page - BOSH! - dedicated to simple vegan recipes which has now taken social media by storm - and they have just published their first book.

Vegan fish and chips is now a thing (stock image)
Vegan fish and chips is now a thing (stock image). Picture: Getty

We caught up with the duo - whose fanbase include the likes of Gary Barlow, Prue Leith and actual Pamela Anderson - to pick their brains about the best vegan food replacements on the market right now.

Vegan replacements: fish, butter and eggs

It turns out it's now a thing to make fish and chips using banana.

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Henry said: "Banana blossom is an interesting one. The most forward-thinking street foot vendors are making fish and chips out of banana blossom.

And Ian added: And it you’re wondering what banana blossom is, the way that bananas grow on a tree, the banana blossom is the flower that hangs of the bottom of the flowers – and rather than being surplus to requirements and going on the waste pile, it’s now used for fish replacements. It’s amazing.

And when it comes to simple ingredients, there are a growing number of options.

Henry added: "Butter is fairly straight-forward – you’ve got dairy free options in every shop you could possibly go to.

"Eggs is a little bit more of a tricky one. We tend to use natural replacement for eggs. So we would use apple sauce or a smashed up banana or an avocado – it kind of depends what you’re baking.

"Obviously that’s no good in a fried breakfast," he continued. "In a fried breakfast for eggs, we would use something like tofu – where we’d scramble that in. We’ve got a special method in our book where we add some turmeric and some black salt and make a perfect vegan scrambled egg."


And Ian added: "The two tofu technique we’ve named it. It’s basically – you take the silken tofu, you blend it up to make the nice runny aspect of what scrambled eggs is. And you take a block of firm tofu, and crumble that in just as the silken’s warmed up. So you’re left with something that is as close as it can be. And packed with protein."

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