Girl, 12, in critical condition after getting hand stuck in swimming pool pump on family holiday to Turkey

21 August 2019, 09:27

A 12-year-old girl from Russia has been left fighting for her life (Stock image)
A 12-year-old girl from Russia has been left fighting for her life (Stock image). Picture: Getty Images

A 12-year-old girl from Russia has been left fighting for her life after her hand was sucked into a swimming pool pump.

A young girl is now in a coma after she was sucked into a swimming pool pump during a trip to Turkey. 

The Russian girl, called Alisa, was staying in a holiday resort in Bodrum with her family when her hand got trapped in the pump.

She was reportedly stuck under water for “some minutes” as her dad and seven other guests attempted to break the device. 

When they finally managed to free Alisa and release her to the surface, she still had a piece of piping stuck to her arm. 

Following the terrifying incident, the 12-year-old holidaymaker was resuscitated by paramedics at the scene and rushed to hospital after suffering from heart failure. 

A child got their hand stuck in a swimming pool pump
A child got their hand stuck in a swimming pool pump. Picture: Getty Images

Her heart had to be restarted four more times in hospital and she is now in a coma in intensive care, with doctors reportedly fearing she could have suffered brain damage.

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The school girl's mother Natalya Adamova has since spoken out about the horrific accident - which occurred on August 18 at Sunhill Hotel  - as she told Fontanka news agency: “Her dad dived and saw our child stuck underwater.

“He tried to pull her out but her hand was very strongly sucked into the pump pipe.

“He called for help. Other guests rushed to assist.

“But even after hotel workers turned off the pump, they could not free her hand.

She added: “Then he and seven other guests broke the pipe and pulled Alisa out along with a piece of pipe on her arm.”

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Natalya and her husband Andris, who are from St Petersburg, have stayed by their daughters hospital bedside.

But while the Russian Foreign Ministry have said they’re determined to get Alisa back home to Russia as soon as possible, doctors have said it would be dangerous to move her while she is in such a fragile state. 

This comes after another child was left trapped for three hours after getting sucked into a swimming pool pump while on holiday in Costa del Sol.

Six-year-old Zara Clarkson from Manchester was able to keep her head above water as firefighters were forced to break the pool's concrete wall in order to get her out. 

Her dad Zack told The Sun: "Zara was panicking and screamed out ‘daddy the pool is sucking me and it won’t stop'.

"Something with that kind of suction would have easily pulled a smaller child under the water and they would have been killed."

Doctors are apparently worried the suction from the pump could have caused blood poisoning after the school girl's arm swelled three times its normal size.

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