Woman reveals genius hack for cutting dog's nails using peanut butter and cling film

21 April 2020, 11:22 | Updated: 29 April 2020, 09:57

Lindsey shared the cute video on her TikTok account
Lindsey shared the cute video on her TikTok account. Picture: TikTok @linds.shelton

This is perfect for anyone who struggles doing the menial task but doesn't mind getting a little messy!

Lockdown mean we're all unable to do the small things we took for granted such as going to the hairdresser, or even taking our dogs to the groomers, which can be a pain!

However, dog owner Lindsey Shelton has revealed one of her brilliant hacks for getting her canine to stay put while she cuts his nails.

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Lindsey's video starts off with her rubbing peanut butter on her head
Lindsey's video starts off with her rubbing peanut butter on her head. Picture: TikTok

Posting on TikTok, ICU nurse Lindsey (who goes by the handle of @linds.shelton on the app) showed herself at the start of the video with cling film wrapped around the top of her head.

We know, it looks a bit bizarre at first!

She then proceeds to start spreading a few spoonfuls of dog-friendly peanut butter onto her forehead.

Her partner who is sat nearby asks her what she is doing, and Lindsey is aware she looks a little silly, but promises she will look like a genius very soon.

The video cuts to a shot of her bending down to grab one of her dog's paws, armed with a nail cutter in one hand, and she directs the dog's attention to her head.

Her pooch is instantly distracted by the treat that's directly in their face, and proceeds to lick the treat off the cling film.

By the time all of the peanut butter is gone, dog-fosterer and animal rights activist Lindsey's managed to clip all of the nails.

Well, she did say it was a genius idea!

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But really.

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Her video's attracted hundreds of thousands of streams on the app, as well as on her personal Instagram account, where she also shares plenty of pictures and videos of the many dogs she rescues.

Many have commented saying they loved the adorable clip and others added that they will be trying out the hack for themselves.

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