Headteacher goes viral after sending ‘inspiring’ letter to parents struggling with homeschooling

26 January 2021, 12:22 | Updated: 26 January 2021, 12:32

A headteacher has sent a sweet letter to his pupils' parents
A headteacher has sent a sweet letter to his pupils' parents. Picture: Google maps/Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The letter sent by Leedon Lower School has been shared online.

It’s a tough time for parents at the moment, with schools across the country forced to close.

But one headteacher has gone viral after he sent a letter to mums and dads who are currently struggling to homeschool their kids.

Richard Benson, who runs Leedon Lower School in Bedford, reassured parents that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and they need to take some time out.

According to the Leighton Buzzer Observer, the letter stated: "What our parents and carers have been asked to do over the last couple of weeks has been an impossible task.

Leedon Lower School is in Bedford
Leedon Lower School is in Bedford. Picture: Google Maps

“I want parents and carers to understand that it’s not hard because they are doing it wrong. It’s hard because it's too much."

Mr Benson went on to tell families not to 'feel guilty' if they don’t get everything done, even encouraging them to take some time to relax with one another.

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He continued: "Don't feel guilty if some things get missed. Find out what works best for you and your family during the next few weeks.

"Share a book, watch a film, bake a cake, have a nap. If you have to choose, because at some point you will, choose being together.

“Choose playing a game over arguing about schoolwork. Choose teaching your child how to make a cheese sandwich rather than feeling frustrated that they aren’t helping.

Many parents are struggling to homeschool
Many parents are struggling to homeschool. Picture: Getty Images

“Choose laughing, cuddling and reminding the children that they are safe.”

The letter went on to offer advice to parents who are ‘feeling stressed’, asking them to reach out if they need help.

He finally added: "We are in this together. That means mentally as well."

After the letter was shared online, Mr Benson has been hailed as an ‘inspiration’ and ‘absolutely amazing’.

This comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock hinted schools may not return before Easter.

They were due to reopen in mid-February but during an interview on The Andrew Marr Show Mr Hancock said: "We're really clear we want to get schools back and as safe as we can, but we have to watch the data.

"Of course I hope schools go back after Easter and the vaccination programme is going fast. But we've got to make sure that we get the cases down and we've got to protect the country from new variants coming in from abroad."

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