Your baby is automatically 'cool' and 'part of the elite' if they have these names, research claims

26 January 2021, 12:09

These are the names which make your baby 'cool'
These are the names which make your baby 'cool'. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

An expert has now revealed a list of baby names which mean your child is ‘cool’.

Picking a baby name is one of the toughest decisions a new parent has to make.

But if you're struggling to come up with a suitable moniker, now an expert has revealed a list of options which mean your child is ‘cool’.

Author Pamela Redmond Satran - who is the CEO of - has shared twelve monikers which are ‘in fashion’ right now.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Pamela revealed Sophie, River and James are the most popular for girls, as well as Sam, Jack and River for boys.

The most trendy baby names have been revealed
The most trendy baby names have been revealed. Picture: Getty Images

She said: “Elite parents in urban areas lean toward very fashion-forward and sophisticated names.

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“They are attracted to quirky, not-so-easy-to-like names that are more difficult to embrace.”

Nameberry collects data from thousands of new parents each year, allowing Pamela to determine which baby names are currently trending.

Topping the list of ‘elite’ baby names is Dashiell, followed by Sophie, Matilda and Ophelia.

Zen, River, Story and James (for girls) have also made the cut, as well as the more traditional monikers Sam, Charlotte, Jack and Lily.

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Some of these names have already been snapped up by celebrities, with Jamie Oliver calling his youngest River and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s naming their first-born daughter James.

Referencing some names which are not so popular, Pamela explained how ‘Penelope’ is no longer considered trendy.

Kourtney Kardashian picked the name for her daughter who was born in 2012, but Pamela revealed: “Now Penelope feels too popular, too common — and we’re not hearing much about it anymore.”

The twelve coolest names of 2021:













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