How to cure a hangover fast: Tips and tricks from medical professionals

30 December 2019, 11:30 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 11:34

A hangover from hell is the worst thing possible after a heavy night
A hangover from hell is the worst thing possible after a heavy night. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

A killer hangover is a sure-fire way to ruin any weekend or even a day at work if you're gone too hard on a work night.

We've all been there, waking up and regretting everything we did the night before. Well, at least the stuff we can remember, and New Year's Eve is a sure-fire celebration that ensures you wake up feeling anything but fresh.

There's a few tried and tested methods to prevent the New Year's Day headache from hell that are used daily, but there's also a handful that you might've not heard of.

Here are our top hangover tips, collated with the help of some experts:

Waking up like this is a sign of a good night but it won't be a fun day
Waking up like this is a sign of a good night but it won't be a fun day. Picture: Getty

1. Drink a green smoothie

Doctor Ross Perry, who is an NHS GP and Medical director of CosmedicsUK has revealed that instead of reaching for a fizzy drink, a green juice is your best bet.

This is because "it tastes good and is packed full of healthy fruit and vegetables, which aids hydration".

Stuart Gale, the chief pharmacist and owner of Oxford Online Pharmacy added: "Alcohol is a toxin, so the quicker you can process that toxin the better you will feel.

"Some green vegetables including cauliflower, asparagus and kale, contain thiamine, or vitamin B1 which has been proven to improve the liver function."

2. A pint of Dioralyte

Anyone with a basic knowledge of their health will know that a lot that a big part of a hangover is dehydration, which is why drinking plenty of water before heading to sleep will always do you some good.

But if you've forgotten and just passed out in bed, then you need to grab yourself a sachet or two or Dioralyta or any kind of rehydrating remedy.

Its main use is usually to treat those who've suffered from diarrhoea, but it is known as a replacement of essential body water and salts, so will rehydrate you quickly, especially if you've been sick.

The electolyte powders will bring you back to life
The electolyte powders will bring you back to life. Picture: Dioralyte

3. Be wary of what painkillers you take

Stuart Gale revealed that it's important to be wary of the painkillers you consume as some can make you ill.

He explained: "Take soluble paracetamol if you have a headache as it is better for your stomach than aspirin or ibuprofen".

The reason soluble paracetamol is better is because it'll get to work quicker than other kinds, and some painkillers like aspirin can cause irritation of the stomach.

4. Milk thistle tablets

Milk thistle is an age-old herbal remedy that people often associate with curing hangovers and works if taken regularly before and after the night out.

It works by protecting and repairing the liver tissue, and in tests has been revealed to have little to no side effects.

Milk Thistle tablets are cheap and a great herbal remedy to help you recover
Milk Thistle tablets are cheap and a great herbal remedy to help you recover. Picture: Holland and Barrett

5. Avoid fatty foods

Stuart revealed: "If you are suffering from a hangover, your body is already struggling to process the toxins you have ingested.

"Add fatty food to the mix and not only are you failing to give your body the nutrients it needs to replace what alcohol has depleted, you are further increasing its workload so best to avoid that fry up!"

6. Supplements

British dietary supplement, Survivor is a world first in alcohol health supplements which could come in handy during this period of frequent overindulgence.

Developed by a team of medical and nutritional experts and coming in an easy-to-use capsule format, Survivor contains a unique blend of 100% natural extracts with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to specifically target and support liver, brain and metabolic functions impacted when drinking. 

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