Viewers slam 'bully' personal trainer as she claims obese people should 'keep their mouths shut and stop overeating'

17 September 2019, 13:25 | Updated: 17 September 2019, 13:34

The ripped PT made some rather controversial comments while on Good Morning Britain.

GMB viewers were left shocked after a personal trainer guest said that obese people SHOULD be fat-shamed because it'll help them lose weight.

Her ruthless comments were met with a backlash, both from Susannah Reid and Christopher Biggins, who was also a guest on today's show.

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Christopher debated the fat-shaming issue with Danni
Christopher debated the fat-shaming issue with Danni. Picture: ITV

Danielle Levy from Essex was the one behind the controversial comments, and she aired her views on the ITV morning show during a discussion about fat-shaming.

Her comments riled up Biggins, who didn't agree with her yelling "being fat is bad" and that "the more we fat shame, the more people would keep their mouths shut and stop overeating".

The PT, who is also a fitness model and the Editor-in-Chief of health and fitness magazine Muscle and Fitness UK said that fat shaming is a way of encouraging people to make a positive change.

Actor Christopher Biggins, 70, argued that fat shaming is "cruel" and said that being thin is not necessarily the best way to be.

He said: “Here's Danni's who's a fitness instructor, gorgeous, a little too thin for me if you ask me, you've got a few bones sticking out.”

Danni thinks fat-shaming is a good thing
Danni thinks fat-shaming is a good thing. Picture: ITV

Danielle argued back “This is not an aesthetic debate. This is not about how we look, it's not about big is beautiful, big is not beautiful.

“Overeating is an addiction that leads to obesity that leads to death. it doesn't matter if being big is beautiful.

“And that is why this fat shaming has become such a taboo. We focus so much on the aesthetic of overeating, rather than the health risk.”

Christopher then said: “I think it would be terribly dull and boring if everybody looked like David Beckham, or a whole world of Dannis.”

Twitter users have lashed out at Danni, with one saying: “Definitely bullying. Fat people know they're fat, they don't need a reminder in the form of a derogatory remark.

"People will lose weight when they are ready to, positive help is needed.”

Another said "Fat shaming literally kills fat people - this is damaging and really puts into question your public responsibility? Shameful."

And another angered viewer said: "Of course "Fat Shaming" is wrong. It is also bullying, hurtful and dangerous.

"As someone who has struggled with my weight for years, I have been bullied for it and it led to me falling into a cycle of anxiety and depression which made the issue worse."

The debate comes after actor and presenter James Corden said that fat shaming people makes them feel "ashamed" which can lead to "depression, anxiety and self-destructive behaviour".