9 ways to keep your baby and children safe in the sun as a heatwave is set to hit the UK

22 July 2019, 14:28 | Updated: 22 July 2019, 14:34

It's important to keep your baby and children safe in the sun
It's important to keep your baby and children safe in the sun. Picture: Getty
Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

As the Met Office predict scorching temperatures of up to 29 degrees Celsius this week, we take a look at the best ways to keep your little ones safe in the sun.

After a bout of thunderstorms and heavy downpours, the UK is about to be hit with temperatures of up to 29 degrees Celsius, as a heatwave descends on Britain.

And while the majority of us Brits will welcome the sunshine with open arms, the hot temperatures can be really hard for babies and children.

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Here's how to keep you kids safe in the sun.

1) Babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight

Babies' skin is particularly delicate in the first 6 months, so it's important you hide them away from strong direct sunlight where possible.

The NHS advises parents to protect all other children's skin from March to October, when in the UK.

2) Kids should be encouraged to play in the shade

It sounds obvious, but a few regular reminders to your kids to play in the shade could make all the difference. Prime time to keep them out of the sun is between 11am and 3pm.

3) Cover up exposed areas of skin

Make sure you pack a cover-up for your tots - especially if you're spending the whole day out in the sun. Their shoulders are particularly susceptible to burning, so check they're protected.

4) Regularly apply SPF

It is strongly advisable that you use a sun cream with a sun protection factor of 15 or more on your baby. Sunscreen helps protect your child's skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Regularly apply cream to exposed areas - especially the era, nose, face and the backs of their hands, which are more susceptible to burning.

5) Invest in a good sunhat for your kid

Hats are good for protecting the scalp, avoiding sun stroke and for keeping the sun off the backs of their necks.

6) Protect children's eyes with sunglasses

Ensure you purchase eyewear that meets the British Standard (BSEN 1836:2005), which also carry the CE mark.

7) Buy water-resistant SPF if they're going swimming

Sunscreen should be applied before your tots go into the pool, but also reapplied straight after they get out, as it may have washed off. Water-resistant sunscreen is available in most pharmacies.

8) Drape a loose cotton blanket over your baby's pram to protect them from strong direct sunlight

Help block out the sunlight and keep you baby cool by draping a loose blanket with holes over the top of a pram. There should be a gap for ventilation and parents should regularly check on their child.

9) Carry water with you at all times

Hydration is key in the hot weather - no matter how young or old you are.

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