This £10 hot water bottle pouch has been called a ‘lifesaver’

31 January 2022, 10:58 | Updated: 31 January 2022, 11:08

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

A water bottle pouch has been praised for helping with period pains.

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For anyone struggling with stomach or back pain, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot water bottle.

But if you find it hard to keep your bottle exactly where you want it, now one woman has found the perfect solution.

TikTok user Alex, who goes by the username @smallex4ft11, shared a video on her account showing off an adorable hot water bottle pouch she bought from Amazon.

TikTok user Alex has raved about this hot water bottle pouch
TikTok user Alex has raved about this hot water bottle pouch. Picture: TikTok @smallex4ft11

In the clip, Alex can be seen wearing the grey bear pouch around her stomach to help ease her period pain.

She tells her followers: "On this episode of things Alex bought from Amazon that she didn't really need but she definitely did need: A hot water bottle pouch.

"Look how cute this is! £14 pounds for a mini hot water bottle and the pouch which you can strap anywhere - if you've got back pain, strap it to your back.

"I've got cramps, so I've strapped it here and my hands are free, can eat my pasta and it came with two hot water bottle cases as well.

The hot water bottle is available for Amazon
The hot water bottle is available for Amazon. Picture: Amazon

"There a case in case I don't feel like having a cute little pouch and I can hold it. I can do that. Life is great."

The video has now been liked more than 750k times, with thousands of people commenting.

"You're telling me that I've been shoving them in my pj trousers forever and these exist,” said one person.

Someone else commented: "That's going STRAIGHT in my basket."

“Purchased in 10 seconds 😂,” said another, while a fourth wrote: “Having endometriosis for YEARS and I'm only now seeing one of these 😭😭😭 thank you for sharing this ❤️.”

JML Kangoo hot bag
JML Kangoo hot bag. Picture: Wilkinsons/JML

A fifth added: "I have the same one and it is a lifesaver when cramps get bad."

There are plenty of pouch designs on Amazon, with one currently on sale for just £10.

If this pouch isn’t for you, Wilkinsons is also selling a similar Kangoo Hot Bag which charges up to give you the ultimate cosy comfort.

Selling for £20, the product is made of durable, 3-layer polypropylene fibre and is pre-filled, which means you just have to charge it up for five to ten minutes.

It also has an adjustable strap makes it easy to wear on your back, joints or tummy while walking, sleeping or sitting down.