Incredible hack shows how to clean a kettle in minutes with £1 bottle of vinegar

31 January 2019, 10:53 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 17:03

Guilty of never cleaning your kettle? This simple hack will make it easy
Guilty of never cleaning your kettle? This simple hack will make it easy. Picture: Getty

How to clean your kettle: this cheap and simple hack gets rid of kettle scum and limescale using vinegar

A mum has revealed a genius hack to rid kettles of limescale and get them looking as good as new - using nothing but a cheap bottle of vinegar.

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So if you're guilty of using your kettle numerous times a day but literally never cleaning it (same), then this trick is for you.

The Organised Mum posted the instructions on her Facebook page, writing: “Last thing at night when no one will need the kettle fill it with half white vinegar and half water.

“Unplug it and move it away from its normal spot, put a little reminder on it to make sure no one boils the vinegar solution in the middle of the night and attempts to make a cup of tea with it!

Many of us are guilty of not regularly cleaning our kettles
Many of us are guilty of not regularly cleaning our kettles. Picture: Getty

“Leave to soak overnight and in the morning rinse it out REALLY REALLY well.

“You might also want to do a dummy boil of clean water to thoroughly ensure that any trace of vinegar is removed.”

And fans were quick to praise the hack after trying it themselves.

One person said: “Just descaling my kettle and I see this post...will use vinegar next time.”

Another added: “If you boil it with the vinegar in the kettle it will descale it immediately.

"A couple of inches of vinegar, boil and rinse well.”

And another added their own spin on the hack, saying that wine vinegar works just as well.

“The joy of living in a hard water area," they wrote.

“I can recommend wine vinegar as it doesn't small as bad as white vinegar!”

You can buy a cheap bottle of vinegar for just £1 at your local supermarket. Click here to shop Sarsons Distilled Malt Vinegar from Sainsbury's.

This £1 bottle of vinegar can transform your kettle
This £1 bottle of vinegar can transform your kettle. Picture: Sarson's

Do you need to clean your kettle?

It's recommended by many experts that you should clean your kettle's exterior weekly, and its interior once every few months. It's best advised, therefore, to keep a bottle of vinegar handy for regular cleans.

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