Woman transforms dirty patio in an hour using £2 spray from The Range

7 May 2020, 12:25 | Updated: 7 July 2021, 11:56

The patio was transformed
The patio was transformed. Picture: TikTok @katrinathorpe4

One savvy TikTok used managed to completely change the colour of her patio with the bargain product.

A very crafty lady has revealed exactly how she revamped her grotty front patio in a few simple steps, using bargain products.

Katrina Thorpe explained on TikTok that her jet washer doesn't reach this part of her home, and that she hadn't cleaned the patio in a whopping six years.

The video has gone viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of views and 34,000 likes (and counting!)

In the clip, Katrina starts by mopping her front path with boiling water and pouring a generous amount of Astonish's window cleaner over the top.

She then went on to use Kilrock's Mould Spray - which you can pick up for just £2 from The Range - covering all of the dirty patio tiles and removing some of the more stubborn grime.

Before she cleaned it, the patio was dirty
Before she cleaned it, the patio was dirty. Picture: TikTok
She covered the patio in the products
She covered the patio in the products. Picture: TikTok

On top of this, Katrina also covered her tiles in Mrs Hinch's favourite 89p cleaning product The Pink Stuff to tackle the build-up of dirt lurking in between the tiles.

After this, the mum then poured even more boiling water over the surface before scrubbing with a broom.

And just like that, Katrina discovered what her sandy tiles actually looked like under all those layers of grime.

She scrubbed the patio with a brush and boiling water
She scrubbed the patio with a brush and boiling water. Picture: TikTok

In the video caption, the cleaning fan said she decided to give it a go as her jet washer doesn't reach the front of her house.

Before the transformation, Katrina wrote: "I've never washed it in 6 years I've been here!"

The whole process only took Katrina an hour to do, and many impressed viewers have commented saying they'll be trying it out for themselves too.

One commented: "This is so satisfying to watch, I don't even have a patio but this made me want to clean it"

Kilrock Mould Spray
Kilrock Mould Spray. Picture: The Range

Kilrock Mould Spray, £1.99 from The Range - buy now

Grime Blast
Grime Blast. Picture: MP Morgan

Astonish Grime Blast UPVC Cleaner 500ml, £2.81 from MP Morgan - buy now

The Pink Stuff
The Pink Stuff. Picture: Home Bargains

Stardrops Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste, 89p from The Range - buy now

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