Your love horoscope for 2019 revealed

31 December 2018, 14:15 | Updated: 31 December 2018, 17:03

Constellation Sagittarius
Constellation Sagittarius. Picture: Getty

‘Love Goddess‘ Tamara Trusseau shares her new year relationship predictions for every star sign

The new year is almost here! If you’re wondering what the next 12 months could bring when it comes to love, your 2019 love horoscope might have the answer. Whether you’re single or attached, psychic and relationship expert Tamara Trusseau reveals what is in store for each and every star sign next year.


Renewed desire for communication and expression can initiate worthwhile opportunities and advantageous encounters. A logical analysis of love-related scenarios may promote a more decisive and sustainable rapport. Simplified and realistic, 2019 may produce an alternative view of emotional requirements leading to confident action, endurance and equilibrium.


Stability and a continuous sense of wellbeing create the appropriate backdrop for decisions pertaining to love. Discussions involving potential partnerships and marriage may appear high on the agenda. Relationship-induced demands can lead to innovative new ideas and recreational activities. An emotionally inspirational year, elevating love within more stable parameters.


Optimism paves the way for heightened connectivity and adventure, promoting additional avenues for relationships. Exhilarating new possibilities fuel the social realm, inducing unplanned, yet viable and instrumental meetings. An evaluation of past involvements may instigate greater compassion and tolerance enabling future solidarity, sustainability and unity.


Reflection and analysis contribute effectively towards improving love-related and domestic conditions. Communication together with honest delivery rule the emotional framework, enabling reconciliation, harmony and joyful interaction. Additional consideration and care may be required with regards to circumstances involving third party interference or triangle type love scenarios.


Tactical provisions could provide effective and reliable solutions within existing relationships. Open dialogue and transparency may create the correct terrain for emotional revelations and greater understanding of past decisions and behaviour. Deliberate movement and foresight could prove imperative, when confronting Ideals pertaining to new relationships.


A blend of courage and diplomacy may prove helpful in re-igniting certain liaisons. Passion and intimacy provide greater bonding, potentially allowing commitment possibilities and longevity. New avenues for discussion and sharing instigate deeper understanding and relativity. A brilliant year for introducing profound love, engagement and connectivity.

Psychic and relationship expert Tamara Trusseau
Psychic and relationship expert Tamara Trusseau. Picture: Tamara Trusseau


Social occasions, travel and new interests contribute positively towards heightening existing emotional and personal ideology. There may be a need for consistency and foundation within relationships of particular interest. Research and dialogue could add weight in providing closeness within disrupted settings. A powerful year for reconciliation.


2019 provides opportunities for unprecedented advancement, enabling a much-required transformation within overly still and static relationships. Discussions pertaining to personal needs may prove advantageous, enhancing and improving romantic settings. A great period for addressing long-term desires with unwavering courage and confidence.


Altered perspective together with an understanding of past experiences may induce the correct circumstances leading to a more vibrant and stimulating love life. Communication, banter and repartee provide optimism and an inevitable sense of inspiration within existing parameters. A surprisingly decisive year with respect to clarifying misunderstood or unresolved involvements.


The early part of the year may require some focus and structuring with regards to emotional requirements. Situations pertaining to dating and new love may feel particularly fruitful and abundant, producing optimistic options and results. A realistic review of personal preferences and self-expression may yield positive opportunities for long-term relationships.


Periodic assessment and general functionality within romantic settings could dominate expectations in 2019. There may be renewed discussions concerning commitment or marriage. An undisputed sense of determination may be required to resolve unnecessary conflict or misunderstanding. A triumphant year for the realisation of long-held romantic goals.


Love at its most poignant may be prominent and pertinent this year. Compatibility as well as a more discerning attitude towards potentially suitable partners, present a reliable foundation for profound relativity. A progressive and experimental approach towards exploring new horizons, may pave the way for increased chemistry and sensuality within certain settings.

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