Mrs Hinch 'investigated by ASA' for plugging cleaning products on Instagram

5 June 2019, 10:41 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 08:33

Mrs Hinch has got herself in hot water
Mrs Hinch has got herself in hot water. Picture: Instagram

Mrs Hinch has insisted she's always been "authentic and transparent" with followers.

Mrs Hinch has made her name by giving cleaning advice to her 2.5 million Instagram followers.

But now the influencer - real name Sophie Hinchliffe - is reportedly being investigated by authorities over advertising cleaning products in exchange for money.

According to The Sun, the Essex hairdresser has been approached by watchdog ASA for plugging Flash and Febreze without making it clear she was being paid by makers Procter & Gamble.

A spokeswoman for the ASA has said: “We received three complaints in April about Mrs Hinch’s Instagram posts concerning the labelling of ads — where she was posting about products including Flash and Febreze — and are investigating.”

However, Mrs Hinch has since insisted she's always been open and honest about her Instagram posts.

In a statement released to us at, she said: “I take the responsibility that comes with having a large social media following very seriously, and for me, being authentic and transparent is incredibly important.

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“I’m fortunate that brands want to work with me, but I only collaborate with those that I genuinely like and would recommend to people.

“I continue to learn a lot, but feel my community are clear about any content that is part of a commercial partnership, and that which isn’t.”

The 29-year-old added: “In fact, I’m overly cautious when it comes to these guidelines and will continue to be.’”

This comes after it was revealed that Mrs Hinch - who’s currently pregnant with her first child - is estimated to be worth around £1m after becoming the biggest ‘cleanfluencer’ in the UK.

According to cleaning service End of Tenancy London, Mrs Hinch takes home a whopping £4,900 per sponsored social media post on average.

End of Tenancy London revealed which social media stars make the most from their Instagram accounts and unsurprisingly, Sophie came out on top.

The Instagram star shot from a thousand followers to a million in only six months, and got her very own verified blue tick soon after reaching six figures.