Mum shares ‘magical’ three-ingredient spray that gets rid of creases in seconds

22 February 2021, 12:49 | Updated: 22 February 2021, 12:57

A mum has ditched her iron after discovering this hack
A mum has ditched her iron after discovering this hack. Picture: Instagram: @mama_mila_au
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

A woman has ditched her iron in favour of this three-ingredient spray.

If you’re bored of standing over the ironing board for hours, this new hack could be the answer to your problems.

Taking to Instagram, one mum shared her DIY spray that gets rid of creases within minutes.

Cleaning expert Chantel Mila’s ‘wrinkle release’ spray is made up of three simple ingredients which you can probably find in your house.

Firstly, you’ll need two cups of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar, which will soften the clothes.

Chantel - who goes by the social media name @mama_mila_au - then adds one tablespoon of hair conditioner to relax the clothes fibres and counteract the smell of vinegar.

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She then mixes all of the ingredients together and pours in a bottle so she can easily spray it on her creased clothes.

After gently flattening the items, she leaves it to work it’s magic for five minutes.

Sharing the hack, Chantel said: "Guys, I’m so excited to share this one, because I’ve been working on a formula for a while.

"This spray is so great for travel or for those hectic mornings when you’re rushing out of the house!

Chantel Mila shared her ironing hack
Chantel Mila shared her ironing hack. Picture: Instagram: @mama_mila_au
Chantel Mila has revealed how she gets creases out of her shirts
Chantel Mila has revealed how she gets creases out of her shirts. Picture: Instagram: @mama_mila_au

"Simply spray a light mist, smooth and leave for 5 mins (while you shower and get ready) and voila - no more creases!

"I’ve tried it on both light and dark cotton-blend clothes, and it’s worked so well for us. My husband is now a convert."

And unsurprisingly, the post quickly racked up almost 3,000 likes, with one followers writing: “I am definitely trying this! 👏”

“I need to try this on my quilt cover!,” said another.

When one Instagram user asked when it leaves marks or damages the fabrics, Chantel replied: “I’ve tried this on light and dark cotton blends and it doesn’t leave any marks on them. the conditioner helps to soften cotton xx”.

Another questioned whether she can leave the mixture in the bottle, to which Chantel responded: "I just leave it in there. The mixture lasts for about a month, but does need a little shake before use."

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