'My neighbours keep parking across my driveway so I had their cars towed'

6 June 2022, 11:24 | Updated: 22 November 2022, 11:48

A woman had her neighbours' cars towed [Stock image]
A woman had her neighbours' cars towed [Stock image]. Picture: Alamy
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A furious woman had her neighbour's cars towed after they continually blocked her driveway.

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A woman has divided opinion after she had her neighbours cars towed to stop them parking in front of her driveway.

Explaining her situation on Reddit, the anonymous user said her next-door neighbours have five to six cars between them and leave them across her driveway.

This means she is often unable to get her own car out when she needs to drive.

The woman revealed that she had already asked her neighbours to move their cars, but had no luck.

A woman has asked if she was unreasonable
A woman has asked if she was unreasonable. Picture: Getty Images

In the post, she wrote: "They didn’t listen. I wrote an email to the owner of the home telling her to ask her tenants to park appropriately, and at one point I even got in an altercation with one of them because we were trying to leave and they wouldn’t move.

"It did get better for a while, they stopped parking behind us, and they also stopped parking all 6 of their cars on the access road."

But the family soon went back to their old ways and continued to park in inconvenient places.

She continued: "They had a party a few weeks ago and blocked the road. Again I emailed the owner and left a note with them basically saying, next time they will be towed.

"For about two weeks now they have been parking one of their cars and blocking two garages. Not entirely blocking, but enough so that the people that use those garages can’t park in their garage and it basically shuts the road down with a snowball effect.

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"So this morning they were parked there again and I finally called the tow truck. I could hear and see them very frustrated as they had somewhere to go, but I feel like I have warned them so many times that it’s justified at this point.

"I’d prefer nobody get towed ever, but they don’t seem to care about being neighbourly."

Other Reddit users were quick to comment, with many divided over her actions.

One person said: "I would have had them towed the first time I couldn’t leave or access my property."

Someone else wrote: "If they are blocking driveways and other homes' garages, sucks to be them. They were given multiple opportunities to stop."

A third added: "They had been told over and over not to park there. I guess it will take a major inconvenience and money to get their attention."

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