Your old Hot Wheels and Beanie Babies could be worth £2m

20 August 2020, 18:21

Do you have any old toys stored away?
Do you have any old toys stored away? Picture: PA

You might have an unexpected goldmine of toys in your attic!

Some of those old childhood toys you might've kept in the attic could make you a fortune, so it's worth checking to see if they're still there.

Chances are that our favourite prized possessions as children could still be worth a pretty penny now!

Remember these?
Remember these? Picture: PA

Collectables from back in the day such as trading cards or Beanie Babies have surprisingly held their value.

Experts at OnBuy’s Toy Department revealed that certain comic books, toy cars and trading cards are among some of the most valuable toys today, with the right ones being able to rack up a fortune.

Here's how much your toys could be worth now:

Comic books

This one might be a bit more obvious, as collecting comic books is a hobby that's quite common.

Surprisingly, old comic books that have been kept in pristine condition are increasing massively in value, despite the introduction of modern technology.

In 2014 a first edition of Action Comics from 1938 sold on eBay for just over £2.4m.

Impressive right? Well imagine the shock of the seller who didn't even realise how rare the comic was and had listed it at just 76p?!

If you have any Detective Comics, Amazing Fantasy or Marvel lying around, you could be onto a winner.

Hot Wheels cars

These bad boys could fetch you up to an impressive £134,000.

Hot Wheels' toy cars were great fun to play with as a kid, but you probably didn't know how much some of the rarer cars could actually be worth.

The 1969 Pink, Rear-Loading Beach Bomb is currently being auctioned online for a huge £134k.

Who knew toys could be so valuable??
Who knew toys could be so valuable?? Picture: PA

Trading cards

If you want to make a ridiculous fortune off one card, find yourself the Honus Wagner 1909 card, it sold for a whopping £2.9m

This isn't the only one that will sell for a stupidly high number though.

Keep an eye out for The Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus card, Yu-Gi-Oh Black Luster Soldier card and a Pokémon Holographic First Edition Charizard as they are some of the rarest out there.

Beanie Babies

Owning as many Beanie Babies as you could was a serious competition back in the day, and some of those stuffed toys have serious value.

One bundle of the bears managed to sell for a massive £458,000, and within that bundle were the teddies Wallace (large), Wallace (regular), Cashew (regular) and Huggy (regular).

Check if you have any!

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