You can be paid £100 a day for 'sleep executive' job which just requires you to nap

10 March 2020, 15:32 | Updated: 10 March 2020, 16:05

Those who love a good nap could be in luck, as this job is perfect
Those who love a good nap could be in luck, as this job is perfect. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

This job would definitely suit a lot of lazy people we know...

Everyone knows someone who can sleep for a ridiculous amount of time, an exciting new job could be right up their street.

A 'sleep executive' position will pay people a whopping £100 a day to sleep!

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They'll be paid nearly £100 a day for the very chilled job
They'll be paid nearly £100 a day for the very chilled job. Picture: Getty

Blinds company is looking for someone to test out different sleeping conditions and report back on the best snoozing set up, and they'll be paid £1,500 for the job!

The lucky person will have to kip with varying light and noise disturbance while wearing a monitor, and report back on their quality of sleep.

Explaining the role, Hillarys said: “The experiment will look at how light and sound can disrupt sleep, we will test this by having a candidate sleep in different conditions, including the use of blackout curtains and varying light and sound.

“The entrant will then be asked to wear a sleep monitoring device during their sleep so we can determine how the different conditions affects them during their sleep.”

The pay is advertised as a £24,000 salary on a pro-rata basis, which works out as £1,428.57 for 15 days of work, just under £100 a day!

Hilarys will pay your travel expenses too
Hilarys will pay your travel expenses too. Picture: Getty

Not bad for someone who gets paid to do quite literally nothing.

The closing date for applications for this very unique role is April 9th, and you'll need to send them your CV as well as a cover letter to prove you're the perfect person for the role.

The 15-day long experiment takes place at Hilarys' head office which is situated in Nottingham, and the company will cover all of your travel expenses.

To sign up for the role, visit the sleep executive vacancy here.

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