Ferne McCann claims exercise was the key to her 'healthy fantastic labour'

22 January 2019, 15:55 | Updated: 24 January 2019, 13:34

Ferne McCann reveals how exercise helped her during labour
Ferne McCann reveals how exercise helped her during labour. Picture: Heart
Alice Westoby

By Alice Westoby

EXCLUSIVE: The former TOWIE star believes it was being fit and healthy that helped her have a 'drama-free' delivery.

Fern McCann has flaunted an impressive body transformation on Instagram in the past year, so it was no surprise to hear she would be releasing her own fitness DVD, Fit As Ferne.

The former TOWIE star gave birth to her daughter Sunday in November 2017 and told Heart that she believes her exercise routine played a huge part in her baby's drama-free delivery.

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Speaking to exclusively to Heart she said: "I was training for a few months and then I found out I was pregnant.

"I really didn't want to give it up, I kept really active and really wanted to continue to exercise throughout my pregnancy.

"I believe in the end that led me to have a really - I wouldn't say easy breezy - healthy fantastic labour because I kept so active."

She attributes her new fit and healthy lifestyle to a New Years Resolution that she began in 2017, but as she explained to Heart "80 percent of people fall off the wagon".

She then started the hashtag "Yes you McCann!" to encourage herself and her followers to stick to their goals and she now uses this when talking about her Fit As Ferne exercise programme.

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Speaking about what gets her motivated she said: "I always like to remind myself of the feeling you get after you’ve trained. If you feel positive you feel like you can tackle the world.

"When I'm feeling demotivated and I can't be arsed to get out of bed I know I’ll feel so much better after.

"If I don’t train I feel sluggish and unhappy. I always feel that when you train, the harder you work the luckier you get.

"Things seem to go right in my life when I’m going to the gym."

If the secret to success if dragging ourself to the gym then sign us up!

Ferne McCann will be back in TV in February with the new series of her ITVBe show First Time Mum.