Mum makes son, 18, hilarious list of rules he has to follow on his trip to Magaluf

5 July 2019, 10:48

The teenager shared the hilarious list of rules to Twitter
The teenager shared the hilarious list of rules to Twitter. Picture: Getty/Twitter

The list includes the rule: 'Don't phone for a chat while u r drunk'

A mother's list of hilarious rules her teenage son has to follow during his trip to Magaluf has gone viral - and for good reason.

Finlay Brockie, 18, from Fife, Scotland, was handed the list by his concerned mother Lisa - and he then shared it with his Twitter followers.

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The list, which includes rules like 'Don't phone for a chat when u r drunk', has now racked up 55,000 likes.

She starts by saying: "I'm starting to stress about u going to Magaluf tomorrow. I've been thinking about some words of advice."

On Lisa's extensive list, sent via Facebook messenger, she warns Finlay: "If there's a boat party or ever a pool party, u just stay away. Mind that time u accidentally walked in to a pond and had to come home naked without a working phone?"

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She also said: "Don't drink before you get to the airport. If u r drunk they wont let u on the plane. Just remember the Eminem concert!....Well actually I don't suppose u can remember the Eminem concert."

Lisa also wrote: "Remember to eat. Dont judge the price of food by how many alcoholic drinks u could buy for the same".

Many people took to the replies to praise Lisa for her hilarious list, with one writing: "Your mother is the most caring, loving woman. Cherish her".

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A second wrote: "I love this Mum .... think I’ll screenshot her words of advice and use it when it’s time for mine to go on holiday ... too cute"

Another added: "I’m more interested about what happened at the Eminem concert"