Mum sparks furious debate as she slams mother-in-law for demanding 'expenses' while looking after grandson

30 December 2019, 11:31 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 11:34

A mum has been slammed for her post on Mumsnet
A mum has been slammed for her post on Mumsnet. Picture: Getty Images

One mum has been left fuming after her mother-in-law asked for her travel expenses to be paid while looking after her grandson.

With the New Year upon us, plenty of parents will be heading back to work and relying on family members to help out with childcare.

But a mum-of-one has sparked an online debate after she revealed her mother-in-law is demanding to be paid expenses for looking after her son.

Writing on internet forum Mumsnet, the anonymous user explained that she is returning to work part time next week.

While she’ll be relying on a childminder one day a week, her partner’s mother said she’d take care of her grandson the other day.

A grandmother is demanding she is paid expenses
A grandmother is demanding she is paid expenses. Picture: Getty Images

She said: “We live in a village with good rail links, and we have offered to pay for a network rail card and her train ticket to us each time she looks after him.

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“However, she has said she's going to be driving to us each time and that she'd prefer it if we just pay her per mile in in petrol. This has turned out only £5 cheaper than using a childminder for the day....whereas the train ticket was a matter of a few quid.”

The mum went on to write: “The whole point of asking MIL was to save money with me returning to work.

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“She's refusing to use the train (her house is 3 minute walk to her nearest station, and ours is a 6 minute walk) and says if we don't pay her petrol then she won't be able to look after him. We'd then need to use a childminder which we just can't afford.”

Turning to other online users, she asked if she was being unreasonable, continuing: “She'd throwing up a right stink about it but part of me feels she's doing us a favour so maybe I shouldn't complain?!"

Before adding that her other half “says we need to sort it out amongst ourselves because he's not bothered either way.”

The story was quick to attract attention, with other parents divided over what to do next.

One person slammed: “So you expect your MIL to look after your child for free and then get annoyed because she won't do as you tell her.”

Another agreed: “How would she get out and about during the day if she didn’t come by car? I would rather drive than have to walk/wait in the cold..”

And a third suggested: “Childminder, all the way, then there’s none of this nonsense. £5 more a week? I’d do it.”

While someone else disagreed, saying: “It's not just petrol money is it though? The MIL wants paying per mile. That's actually making a profit!”