Pregnant mum of UK's biggest family with 21 children reveals huge Christmas spend

28 December 2019, 13:44

The Radford Family revealed their massive Christmas food shop on YouTube.
The Radford Family revealed their massive Christmas food shop on YouTube. Picture: Instagram / YouTube / Radford Family

Sue gave fans a glimpse into Christmas at the Radfords by posting a video of the clan's enormous Asda order on YouTube.

The mother of Britain's biggest family has posted a clip of her humungous festive shop on YouTube โ€“ and fans are flabbergasted by the Christmas "chaos".

Pregnant supermum Sue Radford, 44, who shares 21 children with her husband Noel, 48, posted a video of the huge Asda order to show followers just how much the growing brood gets through during the holidays.

The couple, who announced they were expecting baby number 22 earlier this year, revealed the incredible haul of food, fizzy drinks and snacks they had bought for the hungry clan.

But busy mother Sue, who stored the food in two roomy fridges, was already fearing they would run out of essentials, from apple juice and Yorkshire puddings to prawns.

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The Radfords also gave their social media followers a glimpse into what Christmas morning was like in their busy household.

She posted a photo of her kids tearing into their presents in a sea of wrapping paper as carnage descended upon the family during the 25th December.

Sharing a string of snaps on social media, she wrote: "Merry Christmas everyone. We hope you have the best day ever #bigfamilychristmas #christmas #presents #chaos."

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The Instagram pictures sparked thousands of comments from parents who showered the mother-of-21 with praise, confessing they couldn't even deal with the rubbish from one of their babies.

One wrote: โ€œI canโ€™t deal with the mess from my 1 child ๐Ÿคฃ I donโ€™t how you do it Sue!! Super parents!โ€

While a second said: โ€œOh my goodness! How does everyone keep track of which gift belongs to who?โ€

โ€œSomeone should buy you a present wrapping robot for your Christmas present! So much wrapping to do,โ€ commented a third.

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Sue and her husband support their whopping family with the income from Noel's job as a baker, along with just ยฃ170 in weekly child benefits.

They live together in a huge 10-bedroom house in Morecambe, Lancashire, and are soon to be visiting an Australian family of 18.

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