Mum divides parents after she refuses to pay niece for babysitting

31 March 2021, 11:37 | Updated: 31 March 2021, 11:51

A mum has moaned after her niece asked for money to babysit
A mum has moaned after her niece asked for money to babysit. Picture: Getty Images

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A mum was left fuming when she was told to pay her niece for babysitting.

One woman has divided opinion after she refused to give her niece any money for looking after he kids.

Taking to online forum Mumsnet before the pandemic, the mum of two explained that she has just moved into a new house and her sister’s daughter was keen to stay over one night with her children.

After being invited out for the evening with her husband, the woman asked if her niece would like to babysit and watch a film with the kids until they got back.

She explained: “My sister said yes but asked how much she will be paid!

“As she is family I was never intending on paying her as I certainly wouldn't be charging.”

Should you pay your family to babysit?
Should you pay your family to babysit? Picture: Getty Images

The mum then went on to say she’ll be 'giving her dinner' and letting her sleep over, she also added the teenager 'can join us next day at the Christmas fair.'

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She continued: “Just received a message asking if I'll also be paying her bus fair. I think it's about £3 and my sister earns about 5 times more than I do!

“This isn’t about paying money, more about the constant focus on money and tone from sister like she'll be doing me massive favour (lots of other recent things).”

She then added: “I thought it would be fun for cousins but the the questions about money make me uncomfortable.”

After she asked whether she was being unreasonable for getting annoying, it seems as though users were totally divided.

One person wrote: “Bit mean. I assume niece is a kid still? Then it means a lot to her to earn something and you’d be paying a lot more otherwise so it’s not like you’re doing her a favour by letting her look after your kids!”

Another agreed: “You definitely need to pay her - she is doing you a favour regardless of whether she then sleeps over and has lunch the next day. How much is it going to cost you for goodness sake - £10?!”

While a third said: “You should pay her. You've not invited her for a nice family night and sleepover. You want her to babysit. That deserves payment.”

But a fourth disagreed: “Cancel. Just text her, 'Never mind, we've made other arrangements.’"

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